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Introducing TSAComment.com. The TSA Won’t Take our Comments, So We’ll do it for them.

I Want the TSA to Take my Comment

Summary: The TSA illegally and in violation of court order refuses to hold a mandatory public comment period on their use of airport body scanners. We’ll take our own comments and deliver them once we reach 10,000 (or December 1st, 2012). Participate now! Comment and share the website TSAComment.com. Here is a press release. When […]

Brea: I “told them my cell phone and shoes were gone”


Brea posted this to our Facebook page. If you’d like to share your TSA experience with our readers, contact us. Thought I would share my experience with the TSA at Portland International Airport. After opting out of the scanners, I received the pat down, and my items in the x-ray box (backpack, belt, cell phone […]

Fundraising Update: Last Day to Contribute

Hello, everyone, I hope you are all enjoying a pleasant summer. Fundraising is going poorly. We’ve raised less than 10% of what we need to maintain a forward-looking posture over the next 6 months. When Jim and I started We Won’t Fly, our fuel was passion and outrage. But that can’t sustain our resistance indefinitely. […]

Your TV Screen is as Likely to Kill you as the Terrorists

Furniture Terrorism

Some of you may find this hard to believe, but a government study on terrorism has determined that your risk of being killed by terrorists is as high as your risk of being crushed to death by your TV or other heavy furniture. This should serve as excellent justification for the TSA to branch into […]

Support the We Won’t Fly 6-Month Plan


Donate to We Won't Fly 2012 6-Month Fundraising Plan The purpose of this 6-month plan is to raise $8,736 in support of these missions. Catapult the cause of TSA abolition and the importance of human dignity and human rights (especially the 4th amendment) into the minds of hundreds of millions of people worldwide once again. […]

Young Woman Molested by TSA Shares Her Story

Picture 4

Here’s the story of a lady who flew out of the Orange county airport last week. She wasn’t offered the option of a metal detector. She opted out (kudos!) and was groped. Ugh. I can’t imagine how bad that sucked. While those of us who continue the commercial airline boycott remain staunch in our defense […]

These Survey Results will Drive our Aggressive 6-Month Plan

It's your world, change it

We Won’t Fly has been in a holding pattern for long enough. It’s time to let the government know once again that we will not tolerate violations of our dignity and our rights. We’ve got an aggressive 6-month plan for catapulting the TSA back into the spotlight again. We need your feedback, participation and financial […]

X-Ray Z-Backscatter Vans Back in the News


On Opt Out Day 2010 I was doing an interview with CBS’ Bill LaPlante when, in an obvious attempt to make me seem like a nut, he brought up the x-ray vans made by American Science & Engineering, inc (AS&E). He almost laughed at me. He found the idea utterly ridiculous. And yet it’s coming […]

Louisville TSA Agents Ridicule Deaf People

This young man claims the TSA ridiculed him for being deaf.

A deaf young man is reporting that TSA agents in Louisville ridiculed him and his friends for being deaf. You won’t be surprised that it’s the kind of fascist goon behavior we’ve come to expect from the TSA. Is it the official policy of the TSA to berate people, steal their stuff, troll on blogs […]

TSA Invades Chicago’s Union Station

Picture 1

Although this video is a little breathless and melodramatic for my particular tastes, thank goodness that we have people like this gentleman who are out there making these recordings and sharing them online. This is clear evidence that earlier this month the TSA set up shop in Chicago’s Union Station (a train station). What happened […]