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We Won’t Fly Plan for August 2012 – January 2013

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The purpose of this 6-month plan is to raise $8,736 in support of these missions.

  1. Catapult the cause of TSA abolition and the importance of human dignity and human rights (especially the 4th amendment) into the minds of hundreds of millions of people worldwide once again.
  2. Build a more organized and flying-public-friendly resistance as we work towards our ultimate goals.
  3. Provide you a menu of effective actions you can take to advance this cause.

What We’ll Accomplish

Here are some of the areas we’ll be working on as part of the 6-month plan. Please note that we need not just your financial support but also your active participation.

The Complete Plan

Download a more complete version of the plan. [40KB PDF]

Barebones Budget

To carry out this plan in 6 months is going to require an enormous amount of work. We simply can’t spare this time unless there is some kind of compensation and $1,000 per month is really quite affordable for the quality of work the Executive Director (George Donnelly) is putting into this cause.

Executive Director / Community Organizer $6,000
Mainstream media press release distribution (up to 2) $1,430
Secret Project $500
Miscellaneous professional artwork $500
TOTAL $8,430

Plus we’ll incur as much as $306 in credit card transaction fees. So we’re asking for $8,736 total.

We Won’t Fly is NOT a government-registered non-profit organization. Your financial support is NOT tax-deductible. But it’s still a GREAT cause.

How to Support this Campaign

You can support our work by using the contribution form above or with any of these options. If you have another that works better for you, let us know via email at [email protected]!

About the Executive Director

George Donnelly, Executive Director.

Hi, I’m George Donnelly, the newly-minted executive director and co-founder of We Won’t Fly. Since the very beginning almost two years ago, I have been responsible for our popular website, most of our blogging, the very successful social media presences and the YouTube video that got 1,000,000 views and sparked the TSA revolt of November, 2010. I’ve been interviewed by dozens of media outlets and CNN selected me as one of their most intriguing people on opt out day, November 24, 2010. I work as an IT guy, teacher and writer when I’m not spending time with my wife, 6-year-old son and our golden retriever.

We’re creating the executive director position and offering the community a chance to fund it as a way to break out of the holding pattern the TSA resistance has been in since early 2011.