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Andrea Fornella Abbott is a Hero. Support Her.

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“Lost it,” “had a fit”, “yelled,” “made a scene,” “belligerent and verbally abusive” – these are the words used by mainstream news organizations to describe what Andrea Fornella Abbott did at a suspicion-less, internal TSA checkpoint in Nashville last week when TSA wanted to pat-down her daughter.

I call it heroism. I applaud Andrea Fornella Abbott and I support her.

There are already more than 40 fine folks organizing to support Andrea. If you would also like to help her, please join us. If you know Andrea, please forward this blog post on to her.

As allies in this resistance against TSA tyranny, we must get each other’s backs with mutual aid in the form of moral support, friendship and, in cases like these, donations. It is hard to go to jail and have to defend oneself in court. Free Andrea!

Like any other good parent, Andrea stood up for her daughter. Twice now, TSA bureaucrat John Pistole has promised to tone down pat-downs for kids. But we still have TSA employees trying to grope our kids. When will you end your mad reign of child groping, John?

Make no bones about it, Andrea Abbott is a political prisoner. She has hurt no one. There is no victim of her courage and heroism. Andrea simply did what any reasonable human being should do: disrespect illegitimate authority. She said no to the goons of the TSA in a way that didn’t include bowing, scraping, please or thank you. That’s a political crime, not a real crime.

When the police report comes out, you can be sure it will be both terse and false. I have been arrested myself 3 times now for engaging in completely legal and lawful actions. Each time, the cops involved lied and/or left out important information. If you think the police can be trusted, please read CopBlock.org for a few weeks. Then get back to me. :)

In the meantime, make Free Andrea! your rallying call and see how you can help this heroic mom.

  • http://www.rainbow-websites.com Lydia Shelley

    I wonder if they took her child and put her in foster care when they arrested her mom.
    : (

    I admire her heroic actions, but have to wonder why she put herself and her child through that. There is no power on earth that could induce me to fly commercial in the current climate. Charter? Sure… if I could afford it. For now, I steadfastly refuse to fly… which has annoyed my family and some of my friends. They try to convince me of the “necessity” of the TSA procedures: they’re just brainwashed sleepwalkers. Sad that even my own family can’t/won’t open their eyes to what’s going on; and that they’re willing to put up with whatever is thrown their way in the name of “safety”.

    • Delores

      no they did not

      • Daisymae

        Your post implies that you know what actually did happen to the daughter. Could you please share that with us?

        • Delores

          She is fine…thank you for your concern

  • http://www.fromthewritersdesk.net Gayle Martin

    Andrea is the new Rosa Parks.

  • Drew

    More people need to stand up & refuse to give up our rights or the terrorists win! By wanting safety we have given up our freedoms. Now we face 2 terrorists. The ones who want to blow up planes & the TSA who wants to control our lives. I stopped flying in 2001 because I refused to give up my rights & allow the TSA to abuse me. I’ve given up opportunities for free vacations & cheap airfare so I could look for a new place to live (in the USA). If they continue & do this crap on buses & trains I’ll drive if I have to. If it continues unchecked I might have to walk…but I will! It’s all about power & control & if not stopped it will get worse. They’re already trying to do this crap with buses & trains! Are you ready to hear “Papers Please” every time you leave your house? That’s where this is headed!
    In the words of our forefathers, ANYONE WHO IS WILLING TO GIVE UP FREEDOM FOR SAFETY DESERVES NEITHER!!! Where do you stand?
    I applaud you Andrea! You represent what America is…a freedom loving people!
    Stand Firm for your rights & show your daughter (and the rest of us) what it means to be an American!
    God Bless & my prayers are with you!

  • Daisymae

    I am very concerned about what happened to Andria’s daughter after she was arrested. Did the TSA then gate rape her? Did the police take her away also? Was she simply cast adrift at the airport with no adult to take responsibility for her?

    Does anyone know what happened?

    • Delores

      She is fine

  • Jena

    I’ve been wondering when someone would stand up to legalized molesting at airports. I hope she inspires more people to stand up for the dignity and safety of other citizens. This type of screening is not protection, It’s TERRORISM! I’ve often wondered where they get these people to do the groping. From prison?

    The TSA says they can’t profile. Yea, right but they can molest. There are always pro;s and cons to words. Profiling also brings to mind “discernment”. Something they are obviously not using. The muslims are the ones that declared war on us, let them pay the price.


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  • Ian Wytia

    Look, I hate to be the one who has to say this, but everyone knows that there is a chance their child may be subjected to the pat downs at the airports. After all, tyrannical or not, the process certainly doesn’t discriminate based on race or age.

    The only way we are going to make them change the process is simply to stop flying. Once it becomes an issue where the airlines are losing money because of the TSA procedures, then change will happen.

    Martin Luther King did not attack bus drivers, nor did he condone the actions of those who did. Instead, he petitioned local government and organized a boycott of the buses until the change he was looking to affect happened. Let’s learn from his example.

    Anything else is paying lip service to the concept of resistance.

  • Delores

    Andrea is my cousin…I will forward the blog over to her. For those of you questioning her actions, she was sending her minor teenage daughter to another state to meet up with family. The point is, TSA inappropriately touch her child. She was accused of things that she didn’t do, yet the media has portrayed her as beligerent as well as swearing. Now, I don’t cuss, but I would be liable to get physical with someone who fondled my children. It’s sometimes a must when traveling and driving isn’t an option. My point is, profile. These crazy ppl trying to bomb these planes aren’t elderly women or teenage white kids who are traveling with family or celebrities. Ask Khloe Kardashian. With all due respect to other nationalities, it’s not the white Americans who are doing the bombing. There was one Timothy McVay. I think metal detectors will get anybody that’s crazy enough to carry a gun or weapon of choice, anybody else willing to ram a bomb up their rectom, they’re not going to catch anyway!

  • Delores

    I can’t go into detail…but her child is fine

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