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Bruce Schneier on the TSA: “It’s a stupid game and we should stop playing it”

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Bruce Schneier is a security expert and all-around smart guy. Give him a listen.

Oh and by the way, don’t forget to sign our petition demanding no more pat downs for kids! We’ve got more actions coming around the bend on that topic. Stay tuned!

  • Vampyr Mentality

    He doesn’t know shite if he woke up and realized the only terrorists there are is the ones our Government created themslves.

    • http://GeorgeDonnelly.com George Donnelly

      Bruce has been active on this issue for a LONG time. Go check out his website.

  • JTW

    “Oh and by the way, don’t forget to sign our petition demanding no more pat downs for kids!”

    No, I won’t sign that thing. I might sign something demanding an end to the entire groping practice, but just limiting it to adults is not the way to go.
    The problem isn’t that they’re groping kids, that’s just a symptom. The problem is that they exist with a mandate that allows them to do whatever they like without repercussions. A system that denies people their basic human rights for the pleasure of TSA employees (as is, people singled out for groping are mostly good looking women and small children, people who, were the groping to happen anywhere else, would scream and the groper get arrested on sexual harassment charges, this is no coincidence).

    • http://GeorgeDonnelly.com George Donnelly

      Pls read:


      And pls don’t make the perfect the enemy of the good.

    • BW


      I agree. It is not an appropriate or effective approach to the issue. The creation of the petition indicates a shallow thought process on the part of its creator(s) and endorsers.

      Lame approach, boys and girls! A petition against the procedure itself is the only petition worthwhile in my opinion. It seems to me that the creation of this petition, although clearly well intentioned, is a tactic exploiting public sympathies to lend credibility to the issue of opposition itself…as if there really should be need for any boost in this regard!! But then, this is so typical in our modern wimped out society! Since we have so little self regard let’s stir the pot with a little dash of “sympathy for the kids”! Spare me! Stop the unbridled assault on our citizens….where’s THAT petition?

  • Kevin Benko

    Bruce Schneier is the Chuck Norris of security and cryprography. If there is anyone who knows about security and the dangers of security-snakeoil, and security-theatre, it’s Bruce Schneier.

    I also hear rumor that the mere mention of Bruce Schneier at the airport will induce seizures in TSA drones.

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