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Introducing TSAComment.com. The TSA Won’t Take our Comments, So We’ll do it for them.

I Want the TSA to Take my Comment

Summary: The TSA illegally and in violation of court order refuses to hold a mandatory public comment period on their use of airport body scanners. We’ll take our own comments and deliver them once we reach 10,000 (or December 1st, 2012). Participate now! Comment and share the website TSAComment.com. Here is a press release. When […]

Fundraising Update: Last Day to Contribute

Hello, everyone, I hope you are all enjoying a pleasant summer. Fundraising is going poorly. We’ve raised less than 10% of what we need to maintain a forward-looking posture over the next 6 months. When Jim and I started We Won’t Fly, our fuel was passion and outrage. But that can’t sustain our resistance indefinitely. […]

Support the We Won’t Fly 6-Month Plan


Donate to We Won't Fly 2012 6-Month Fundraising Plan The purpose of this 6-month plan is to raise $8,736 in support of these missions. Catapult the cause of TSA abolition and the importance of human dignity and human rights (especially the 4th amendment) into the minds of hundreds of millions of people worldwide once again. […]

These Survey Results will Drive our Aggressive 6-Month Plan

It's your world, change it

We Won’t Fly has been in a holding pattern for long enough. It’s time to let the government know once again that we will not tolerate violations of our dignity and our rights. We’ve got an aggressive 6-month plan for catapulting the TSA back into the spotlight again. We need your feedback, participation and financial […]

Please Respond to our Survey: What should we be Doing?

We here at We Won’t Fly think the time is right to put the TSA back at the forefront of the national agenda. We simply can not tolerate the assault on our dignity and our rights that it represents. We need your help. Please fill out the following survey so we know your thoughts. Can […]

2012 Wishes for We Won’t Fly

In our first year, We Won’t Fly enjoyed some unexpected success. Our campaign to demand dignified air travel with a boycott received worldwide media attention. We can be proud of our efforts to expose the health and privacy dangers of commercial air travel. Evidently, our message resonates with a large segment of the population. The […]

Jim in Cleveland: “I complain[ed] to the area supervisor about having my genitals fondled twice for one ‘inspection’”

Dear TSA at Cleveland Airport: When a “male opt-out” trainee “accidentally looks away” as his supervisor is “searching the groin area” of ME… and directs the supervisor to “check the groin area again” please don’t act all surprised, like you did 20 minutes ago, when I complain to the area supervisor about having my genitals […]

Andrea Fornella Abbott is a Hero. Support Her.

“Lost it,” “had a fit”, “yelled,” “made a scene,” “belligerent and verbally abusive” – these are the words used by mainstream news organizations to describe what Andrea Fornella Abbott did at a suspicion-less, internal TSA checkpoint in Nashville last week when TSA wanted to pat-down her daughter. I call it heroism. I applaud Andrea Fornella […]

Tell Government and the Travel Industry: No More TSA Pat-Downs for Kids (Press Release)

Tell Government and the Travel Industry: No More TSA Pat-Downs for Kids [PDF] (Philadelphia, PA, April 20, 2011) — Traveler advocate We Won’t Fly is organizing a mass “Call Flood” campaign to force the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to stop touching children, as they did to 6-year-old Anna Drexel last week. The campaign is focused […]

Tell the TSA: No More Patdowns for Kids! Sign the Petition

Petitions by Change.org|Start a Petition ยป Here at We Won’t Fly, we’re dads. And many of our readers, collaborators and commenters are parents, too. It is painful to watch kids being handled by strangers in ways they don’t like, ways that could groom them to later be exploited by sexual predators. That’s why we want […]