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Child Pornography and “Bad Touches” Happen Daily at the Airport

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William L. Anderson writes:

One would think that federal and state authorities, then, would be highly interested to know that each day, individuals wearing costumes engage in both child pornography and “bad touches,” and do it in full view of others. Where does this happen? At U.S. airports, which feature the infamous backscatter “imaging” machines, along with full “pat-downs” for people who decline to be subjected to a virtual strip search.

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  • http://www.liberty-candidates.org Sally_Oh

    These body scanners are free porn machines, especially for children and teens. Child porn is a multi-billion dollar a year business. Those machines CAN record and they CAN send email. How much bribery would it take for a TSA drone at minimum wage (or even more) to be persuaded to capture just a couple of photos? A hacker from afar could do this, no problem. A TSA viewer could snap a photo with a cell phone and email it immediately. Not my kids. And not me either. Great site, thank you.

  • Nancy Major

    I thought I posted this already but I plan to “try” to fly on 11/19 to see my grandson in WA. However if they try to violate my most precious privacy I will NOT fly and will attend the protest. If anyone is interested in video taping my experience it would be greatly appreciated.

    • http://www.liberty-candidates.org Sally_Oh

      From what airport are you flying?

  • bill

    You ought to be ashamed of the slanderous and libelous statements you are making. The screeners are just doing a job that you dont have the stomach for. What have you got to hide? I’d rather submit to semi invasive screening than be blown out of the sky by the likes someone like you and the element that you are helping by trying to kill new security technology. To call these people pedophiles is reason enough to sue you and I hope that they do.

    • Thanatos

      I’d rather take my chances with the terrorists than with the TSA and governments thugs! If YOU are stupid enough to give up your rights to feel a little safer because you’re a scared little man, then that’s YOU, NOT me!

      If I wanted you blown out of the sky, I would just you a shoulder fired surface to air rocket……they really don’t cost all that much on the black market and are easy to get……and I can stand on the ground and fired it at your TSA invaded butt!!

      Your little brained ideas of what is safe and a threat are VERY limited.

      The TSA people get off on doing this crap. They joke about it, screw with people and generally have a good old time with their “barely minimum wage” jobs. Pedophiles, perverts or just general assholes, they usually fit one of the three.

      I quit flying BECAUSE of the TSA, NOT the terrorists!

      Have fun with that fear of yours and your screenings…..you probably enjoy them!

    • thom

      wow. the ignorance that bush inspired with the whole 9/11 inside job thing and then the fear based search and destroy tactics he then somehow convinced america was ok… whew boy. i sure hope this bill character is sterile and without children… y’know, just for the whole darwin ‘humanity’s intelligence at risk’ thing. actually, what would be perfect is if we could dress him up as a terrorist and then call in an anonymous tip on his residence and the WMD’s he’s building in his garage.

    • Edward

      Just doing their job Bill….really, the Nuremberg defense?

      How tragic that Liberty’s sunset be ushered in by braindead, minimum wage, GED holding Gestapo.

      How could anyone doubt that perverts and pedophiles are flocking to the TSA for employment like never before? To the TSA, continue feeling up little children and I will continue to call you pedophiles.

  • http://www.liberty-candidates.org Sally_Oh

    Hi anonymous Bill,

    That’s what they said about the truck drivers in The Big One.

    It’s not stomach it requires. It is an ignorance of such depth that it is frightening for those of use who choose to think. It is a desire for unearned authority: the men and women who will feel you and your children’s most intimate areas in the name of security glory in the power this job gives them over ordinary citizens. Power they could never earn on their merits: there are no skills or accomplishments needed to get the job. Consequently, it draws the worst kind of person, the person who finds nothing wrong with it, who can relish in the power of it, who can follow orders even though everyone on the planet knows it is a pointless and stupid exercise.

    You are right, I don’t have the stomach for it. Thank God there are a few of us left.

    Perhaps they are taking applications, brave soldier.

  • http://GeorgeDonnelly.com George Donnelly

    Bill, I PRAY they sue someone about that because the truth is a legitimate defense and what I posted here is the plain truth. If you want strange men groping you, that’s your right. As for me, no way, Jose.

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  • swami

    Funny site you have going on here, looking forward to the guest comic postings.. what a bunch of rubes you all are.. BTW TSA officers make on avg $14.50 per hour to start. Much more than your bottle collecting jobs you have.

    • http://www.liberty-candidates.org Sally_Oh

      Wow, $14.50 an hour? Let’s put that in perspective:

      “…every second $3,075.64 is being spent on pornography. Every second 28,258 internet users are viewing pornography. In that same second 372 internet users are typing adult search terms into search engines. Every 39 minutes a new pornographic video is being created in the U.S. It’s big business. The pornography industry has larger revenues than Microsoft, Google, Amazon, eBay, Yahoo, Apple and Netflix combined.”

      $14.50 an hour? Yawn.

  • Butch Forman

    You people are really messed up. That you sit around and put forth the hatred that you spew. If any of you are parents who have children, I feel sorry for the kids because you will raise them to be cynical, skeptical and totally paranoid. The TSA who work everyday trying to earn a living are parents, retired professionals, students, ex-law enforcement a whole diverse population of people who are trying to support their families and hope that they are doing what is necessary to protect those who travel. Give it a rest would you and if you feel that way about flying, then do me and the TSA a favor and don’t fly, that is your right, exercise it please. It makes the line at the airport alot shorter for those of us who get it.

    • http://www.liberty-candidates.org Sally_Oh

      Um, Butch, when we don’t fly, your TSA buds are out of a job.

  • http://GeorgeDonnelly.com George Donnelly

    We’re messed up? TSA thugs are taking a government paycheck to grope, harass and intimidate law-abiding people. THAT is messed up.

  • Butch Forman

    Let me get this straight, you say join the we wont’ fly campaign and at the same time you say go the airport and refuse the scanner. Something seems contradictory to me. Why don’t you just stay away from the airport if you don’t want the aggravation period.
    You don’t have to fly. Just stay away. Doesn;’t that seem reasonable and logical.

  • http://www.liberty-candidates.org Sally_Oh

    You have the order a little backwards, Butch. Go to the airport, refuse the scanner and the grope, then you won’t fly. This is grassroots protest, baby. Expensive, time-consuming… but will cost the airports more and wake up a few others in the process. Including those double-dipping TSA drones. (Once awake, they are no longer drones.) Join us!

  • Butch Forman

    OK, but you know about it and you still go. So you go to church even though their are clergy who grope, you go to doctors though there are doctors that grope, you listen to police even though there are police who grope, you send your kids to school even though there are teachers who grope, you go to grocery stores even though there are grocers who grope. So let me understand this you are saying that ALL TSA personnel are power hungry, minimum wage, pedophiles. I am sure that the single mother who is working hard at the TSA or the part-time deacon at the church who is working for the TSA would love to have a conversation with you about your idea of who these people are.

  • http://www.liberty-candidates.org Sally_Oh

    I can refuse and/or sue/smack all the other gropers. I have never left my children alone with any of them. Homeschooled my kids.

    Wonder how many single mothers working for the TSA would allow their children to be groped.

  • Butch Forman

    You can refuse to fly too. Train, car, bus, boat, walk, bicycle, motorcycle,..You don’t have to fly…You know that TSA perosnnel travel by air also..and they go through security just as anyone lse does….Are you for real or just argumentative…Homeschooled your kids..makes sense now

  • http://www.scifi-babe.com Trisha

    This has nothing to do with terrorism prevention. It’s good old American business as usual. Make a new law, but a load of technology and Chertoff gets rich.

    What’s next? Oh, I know, a terrorist will line up, as if waiting to be screened, then blow himself up, taking a couple of dozen people with him. What’ll they do then? Close the airports? Get a grip, people. This is nothing more than crony capitalism, just like America’s wars are.

  • Lauren

    I just love all these TSA trolls here. Trying to convince the sound of mind that we should be sheep and bow to whatever BS rules they apply. I haven’t flown since the issue of the body scans. I don’t care who sees me but, there is clear evidence that back scatter does cause radiation. Why do I want to take a chance? The government lies so many times, that whenever they say something, I think the opposite is true.
    Thanks for the great web site…… you’re doing a good job….. you can tell by all the TSA trolls showing up.
    And yeah TSA trolls, you’re a bunch of stupid, mindless sheep. The government just loves morons like you…. you’re an easy person who they can manipulate to fall for their lies without question. What a good Nazi you are. I bet you believed the underwear bomber too. Start reading history books (real History) and stay away from Faux news you robot.

  • Thomas

    - This so called new technology does not work. It is still possible to conceal parts in your anus for example.
    - The impact on your body has not been assed correctly, and put to question.
    - Pilots are refusing the scanner for health reasons.
    - You can bet that no politician will ever be submitted to that stuff, either the scanner of the advanced pat-down. If they were submitted to that on a regular basis, that thing would be removed straight away.
    - The legality of it is questioned, not that it has stopped TSA and others installing it.
    - The image it produces amounts to many laws as child pornography. Again, not that it has stopped anybody.
    - Images are not supposed to be stored on the system, but it has been confirmed there is a demo mode which allows images to be saved. And it has been discovered that the demo mode was used in some airports.
    - “We are using highly trained professionals which respects your privacy and dignity” is a bogus statement. Cue to TSA agents and others around the word been caught red handed looking at pictures commenting on the “features” of the person that went through the machine.
    - The extreme harassment used against people saying: “I opt out”, TSA has confirmed that they are humiliating people on purpose!!. 12 police officer + 7 TSA agent ganging on a hand cuffed women, I don’t think that’s a very proportionate response.
    - The delight for parents having to choose between somebody taking a naked picture of your kids, or somebody touching their privates….
    - And no, I don’t appreciate either to have my privates touched. Nor a picture of my body taken.

    And for all of that, the sky is no more safer than yesteryear. But we get petty people justifying their existence and their need to fell powerful in the name of security theatre.
    They might not be all like this, some may want to try to do a great job, but I have travelled too many times and saw the cheer stupidity of many, to seriously doubt that they should be allowed to be given more power like this.

    Have a look here for just an example http://www.theregister.co.uk/2010/09/29/nigerian_scanners/
    Searching on the same website for scanner and airport should be an eye opener. If not, entertaining.

    We are living in a totalitarian system managed by idiots. If the general population sees the “benefit” of it, then it will not stop there. And frankly if they can make us go through with this, it won’t be the end of them trying to rip us off of more liberties. If you think it is done to protect you and your family, you are seriously delusional. Past History should have taught everybody that.

    Because of my job I have to travel, but this is not sustainable anymore. At the end of the day, if they want to secure the sky, they should just close it.

  • Mary Levinston

    Malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

    - I prefer liberty with danger to peace with slavery

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