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Flight Attendant Tells Her TSA Sexual Assault Story

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This story just makes me mad and sad at the time. We can not stand for this kind of nonsense.

Flight attendant Megan N. writes on the We Won’t Fly Facebook page.

I am a Flight Attendant for a major airline. I am currently out on disability because of a hip replacement. My husband (who is a pilot) and I flew out of Portland,Maine on November 9th, to New York for my 6 week follow up appointment. I had… my other hip replaced back in 2008 and totally know the entire procedure going through security. So I THOUGHT!

My husband waited for me on the opposite side through security with all of my belongings while I endured the “new” pat down procedure. I was asked by the female TSA agent if I wanted a private screening and I said no because I had did not expect what was about to happen.

The agent went up my right leg first and then met my vagina with full force….the same on the other leg with the same result. She then used both of her hands to feel my breasts and squeezing them. At this point I was in shock.

When I came out of security my husband asked me. “What the hell was that?”. I have never felt so humiliated and violated. I have gone through the stages of being a sexual assault victim…Shock,Denial,Blame,Pain,Anger…I have yet to come with the Acceptance stage.

The bottom line here: We are ALL American citizens and should not be forced to succumb to a government agency that is clearly violating our Fourth Amendment!

Thank you for opening up this FB page. WE need to get the word out and fight for our civil liberty’s that are being taken away. This is HUGE!

  • Chris Dunshee

    Kudos to Megan for being brave enough to share her story. As soon as the media discovers the HUNDREDS of stories just like hers then there will be some action and these scanners can be buried in the desert next to all those old Atari E.T. video games.

    • Kenzie

      All these people supporting this will be one of the first ones to complain or sue the moment they get on a plane along with a terrorist with a weapon !!!! Go thru the scanner and keep the rest of the people on the flight safe. If I or a loved one is ever to get harmed in anyway while on a flight because of a ban on the scanner I will not only blame I will file a suit against every supporter of a ban !!!!
      If you opt out of the scanner you are just asking them to touch your body therefore you choose to do that…..stop making noise just for some attention and think about the people lives you are risking by your iggnorants

      • Carol D

        IF you learn how Israel handles flight security, you will understand that there are ways of doing this – without treating WE, THE PEOPLE like criminals….while the real terrorists are being pandered to by this government…Napolitano said today, when asked how they would handle ‘muslim women” – esp. those who wear hibabs,’ “We will have to make adjustment.” –

        I will NOT deny my Christian Faith just so I can get on a plane . so wearing Muslim gear to get out of this is not an option for me….
        THERE ARE ALTERNATIVES…and the one MOST successful for Israel, who have had NO ATTACKS since they do this…they PROFILE! – duh!

      • Carol D

        “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety,
        deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Ben Franklin

      • Lou

        So if I got TB or some highly contagious disease and board a plane, would you feel safe then?

        Really does not matter if all these measures are in place. If anyone wants to take a plane down, they will.

  • Eric Wallace

    This can not be allowed in the United States. I wouldn’t want my mother to have to endure a sexual assault just so she can get on a plane. Don’t feed me this line of shit that this is the price of freedom and safety in America because terrorists want to take down planes.
    There has not been one instance where the TSA has found any thing using these assaultive measures.

    People need to stand up to this assault on our rights as American citizens

  • Nina

    I will NEVER fly under these circumstances!!! We are being TERRORIZED in our own country people NEED to take a stand NOW! I am so sorry you had to endure such an atrocity and i am Outraged!

  • Gamaliel

    Why not advocate for computer analysis of images from imaging machines. That way there is no invasion of privacy. Automated segmentation algorithms already exist which were developed for clinical uses and although they may need some improving they could solve the problem.

    • Ben

      Computer analysis may mitigate the privacy issue but would not address the potential health hazard. Bottom line is these machines are costly and unnecessary and are being deployed without sufficient review.

    • http://www.lewrockwell.com/blog libertymatters

      Oh my God…

      you did not just suggest that.. you miss the point entirely.

      The Fourth Amendment was not written to grant you the right of privacy, it was written to force the government never to infringe upon it. The Bill of Rights is a list of negative rights- things the government is not supposed to do to you- and the catch-all amendments are the 9th and 10th- basically, anything we forgot to list here in the first 8, you still do not have the right to infringe upon…

      The new pat-down procedure was just put in place- see these measures they call LAW are fluid- what is law one day is not law the next- just whatever the people in power want, the rest of us are supposed to bend over- literally and take it- up the a$$, or junk, or pu$$y- they demand it of you. But this changed only recently because a bunch of people who still give a tinkers damn about their liberty, said HELL NO! to the e-stripping machines.

      Why? Because they have the right not to be treated like criminals, not to be invaded in their privacy, because they do not want radiation poisoning, because the government lies in general just like it lied us into war- and now has lied that they DO IN FACT store the images, that they do in fact OGLE them, that they do IN FACT share them over networks, and that all those OFFICIAL RECORDS are INDEXED BY YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER, your “criminal background check” and your CREDIT CHECK when you attempt to get your boarding pass.

      Facebook is the worlds largest KNOWN ASSOCIATES file. Remember when the cops would visit your school after the yearbook was finished every year? That is how they get your picture for the news. Well, now they can just show your Facebook page. and now, if they want they can show your naked body can, along with your retina scan when that starts to happen all the time- and of course your fingerprints…

      When it comes down to it- we only have the freedoms we defend. If we do not defend it, we lose it. When you do not defend your neighbors rights because you feel you are not infringed, no one will be left to defend yours when yours are being violated.

      If there is one good thing coming out of this- is that the situation is breaking out of just the “liberty activist” crowd to where finally the common sheeple are finally realizing “hey giving up my freedom is not so great after all, ans STOP TOUCHING ME THERE…


      YOU WILL BE TAZED IF YOU CALL THE POLICE, and your dog will be shot at your house because your dog is a threat since it knows better not to trust the cop.

      If you think you can count on men or women in robes to change the laws- remember they work for the same people who infringe on your rights- there is an inherent conflict of interest for them to defend your rights.


      CUFK the TSA

  • David Ross

    The problem begins at the top with the president and congress. One solution would to be to stop reelecting the same people. People are always complaining about congress yet the keep reelecting them. Why? Because they think it’s always somebody else’s member of congress that is not acting in the interests of the people. Guess what? That’s pure BS. Until we stop acting like sheep and keep reelecting our congressmen back to another term, our rights will keep going downhill!
    Me? My personal policy is to never vote for an incumbent nor do I usually vote for the major party (yes, singular – there’s little difference between republicans and democrats).
    Next time I fly I’ll probably be put on the no-fly list because I’m going to ask questions: So tell me, is my penis bigger than yours? Do you enjoy groping men? Your mom must be so proud of you because of the way you are helping to destroy American rights.
    My question to TSA (terminally stupid assholes) agents on this forum: How can you do your job knowing that what you are doing is immoral and against the Constitution? Oh, you’re just following orders? Where have I heard that before?

    • http://goggle.com MH

      To your questions; No,No, and Yes!
      TSA (termially stupid assholes) and you know these officers,
      there are officers that have Phd’s, have been in corparate positions,
      veterans, a vast array of past skill sets and experience are protecting
      the traveling public.

  • Tricia N

    I’m so glad to see this page. I’ve been incensed about this full body imaging and now the invasive patdowns. I was beginning to think I was alone.
    Come on folks this is unreasonable search. Just because I want to fly does not make me a suspect or a criminal-unless you work for the TSA. What ever happened to government for the people? I had already made up m ymind to not fly again, because I will not be treated like a criminal.

  • Randy P

    Stay Home…. the program (tsa) is another ” let’s see what the people will put up with”. So far, this little sneek a peek thing is working out just as “they” expect.

  • PJ

    I don’t care if it’s an official or not – I see someone being sexually assaulted, I’m going to punch the abuser in the head. And make it doubly hurt if I know that the abuser is also a child molester (as all TSa agents are)

    • http://goggle.com MH

      Try it you will be arrested for assualting a Federal Officer in the commission of their duties and you will do prison time!

      • Jessica

        TSA agents are not federal officers. My husband went through TSA’s application and interview process after he left the Navy. He would essentially have been a federal version of a rent-a-cop. Agencies like NCIS, CIS, FBI, CIA, Secret Service, US Marshals–these are federal officers. TSA employees are not.

        For the record, my husband is now incredibly glad he passed up on TSA, in favor of employment closer to home.

  • http://hogsatemysister.com hogsatemysister

    It’s funny as a heart attack. Laugh about it (see the link that follows). Then DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, AMERICA!

  • Kirk J

    TSA = Team Sexual Assault!

  • Mike

    Patriots, we must stand up to this outrage! Will you stand by and allow this ravaging of our principles? We must take a united stand against assault on citizens of the United States. We are not the threat – the terrorist are!

  • grams

    Enough already. Everyone stop flying. Cancel upcoming flights. Drive or stay home. Write every airline and travel company that you do business with and let them know your position. Tell every family member and friend what is going on and encourage them to take a stand against this. The noose is being tightened around our necks. And you’re not going to like where it takes us.

    Even if you don’t mind it at the airports, if we don’t stop it at the airports, we’re pretty much guaranteed to see it and other procedures expand to other places. Kick the foot out of the door and close it.

    • http://goggle.com MH

      You have the option of taking the train, bus, or just drive.
      Most people understand why this is being done.
      TSA Officers would love for this not to have gone to this point.
      But procedures must be put in place to stop the threat.

      • NewYorkDan

        “TSA officers would love for this not to have gone to this point.” Uh, these things JUSTIFY the TSA. So, therefore, in a monetary job security sense, nobody loves this more than TSA officers.

  • http://lesfemmes-thetruth.blogspot.com Mary Ann Kreitzer

    My 15 year old granddaughter is supposed to fly to visit us in January. I’m very concerned about the treatment she is likely to receive. As a breast cancer survivor, I would never submit to the new strip search machine and its X-rays. But neither will I submit to the TSA grope. These folks are brown shirts exerting their power over those under their control who have no choice except to opt out of flying. And that’s what we’re doing. I would rather drive two days to visit my children in Texas than submit to this abusive system! I think it’s all about preparing submissive sheep to accept worse to come.

  • jodee

    I think you people are retarded. Alot of the new scanners are run with radio waves. Las vegas has radio wave scanners. If you have a problem just drive to where your going. If you opt out. more than likely you will miss your flight and then pay the airline more money. So of course the airline isnt going to say anything because you going to make the airline very rich that day.Its not like there sticking there hand up in you or grabbing your junk and saying cough. You people just want something to complain about.It’s not tsa’s fault that people want to strap bombs to themselves. they are there to protect your ass while your in the air so you wont go crashing into a building or explode in the air. Come on people give some credit to tsa they are trying.

    • NewYorkDan

      “I think you people are retarded.” “You people just want something to complain about.” Boy, am I ever glad there are smart, artucilate educators such as you to tell us what retarded, complaining people we all are. Because of your insightful comment, I am completely convinced that I have no ideas about anything. I cannot believe how utterly stupid I was, until you came along and enlightned me. You and your insults have saved me and thousands of people like me from destroying ourselves through being freethinkers with our own opinion.

      • Carol D

        Will SOMEONE please send Jodee a copy of the CONSTITUTION? – She (?) obviously has never read a word of it!

      • Carol D

        Will SOMEONE please send Jodee a copy of the CONSTITUTION? – She (?) obviously has never read a word of it!
        Here is text of email I just sent to Southwest Airlines:
        I was ready to make reservations on SWA to take my usual trip to visit my (grown) children and grandsons at end December…
        BUT, thanks to TSA UNCONSTITUTIONAL policy of ‘full body scanners’ and/or “enhanced pat down”, I am NOT making this trip….the kids will have to enjoy Christmas without Mom Mom this year….I REFUSE TO GIVE UP MY 4TH Amendment Rights to illegal search – with NO reason to do so – other than this administration, this government wishes to subjugate each and every one of us! They violate our Constitutional Rights daily….I WILL NOT GIVE IN TO THEM EASILY.

        Please notify me when I can travel without this Constitutional Violation and I will make reservations to visit my children again…By the Way – I fly out there at least twice every year – not a frequent flyer – but ALWAYS an SWA flyer….wish I could be this year as well! cd

        …PLEASE! convince everyone you know to contact EVERY airline…esp. if they have flown multiple times on the same one….and let them know YOU WILL NOT FLY AS LONG AS THIS IS IN PLACE!

  • NewYorkDan

    When bottles of water were banned on airplanes, my wife and I vowed that we would not fly until the TSA harassment stopped. I have a medical condition in which my throat can quickly become very dry, which means that I need to constantly be near a source of drinking water; to prohibit me from having a bottle of water nearby is to put me at risk of choking. What outrages me is that in the intervening years, the harassment has increased. Do people really need to be subjected to intimidation, harassment, and health risks, in order to ensure safety? Do these things stop terrorism in the sky? This has not been proven. And it is a clear violation of our rights against unreasonable search and siezure. Whenever we travel, my wife and I drive, take the train, or go by bus. We share the car with others when possible. From our hometown outside of Albany, NY, we can get to LA within 3-4 days by any of these methods. Nobody touches our private areas, we don’t get strip searched, and I always have plenty of water within arm’s reach.

    • http://goggle.com MH

      TSA comimg to a train,bus station near you.
      Check the law passed that put TSA in place ,
      those locations are on the list. Just have not
      gotten there yet.

      • NewYorkDan

        All the more reason why people must always fight for their rights. Some people say that these things ensure our freedoms, and will gleefully insult anyone who disagrees. See above for more of that. I say that these things ensure that we are NOT free. Are they preventing terrorism, or are they humiliating and harassing us to show who is the boss?

  • http://www.shoelaces.ecrater.com Shoelaces

    Megan – thanks for sharing your story. Sorry you had to go through that just to fly.

  • Linda

    It’s only going to get worse with the Government and TSA….they do NOT care about our rights…and I for one, have canceled our Thanksgiving trip via flying….. This is the “Progressive” way of thinking by our Government..we have NO rights and are losing them every day…

  • Mike

    Before 9/11, I used to fly two to three times a year. Since 9/11, I’ve flown once. I understand the security needs but it’s gone too far. I now conduct meetings online using GoToMeeting or other online meeting software. If I have to attend a meeting in person, I make sure it’s within a day’s drive or two at the most. My airport in Colorado Springs doesn’t have the scanners, so anyone that is targeted will have to endure the “assault” pat down. No thanks. The airport is having money problems. This will only make it worse.

  • Dr Ronald E Dick

    I am a former US Army Officer and a 50% service-connected disabled veteran. I have a steel plate in my leg so every time I fly I set off the metal detector at the TSA checkpoint. Until recently I was just “wanded” with a hand-held metal detector I, and all other disabled veterans with metal implants, are now immediately taken out of line radiated or sexually molested and treated like a criminal. This violates our Constitutional rights under the 4th Amendment. When I was commissioned I took an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic. The President, our Congressmen, members of the Cabinet, etc. all took the same oath. They must honor that oath and stop the TSA from its paranoid attack on the Constitution. Allowing TSA to target disabled veterans is beyond comprehension and nothing can justify it. TSA IS THE GESTAPO.

    Incidentally, I possess a TWIC issued by HSA. I was photographed, fingerprinted, investigated and given a security clearance. This is a TSA ID card. It should be enough for me to pass through a TSA checkpoint with a simple scan of the card.

    • http://goggle.com MH

      DR Dick, with implants the AIT is just up your alley.
      If you take everything out of your pockets, you’ll
      pass thoughthe AIT process quickly and without
      being put through a pat-down. Have a great day and
      thank you for your service. Most of the TSA Officers
      are vets also.

  • Carol Derbis

    I have been looking forward to visiting my children – and six grandsons – on the East Coast at Christmas….I usually get to see them just once/year as I live in CA – and cannot afford frequent flights…
    But I REFUSE to go through this sexual assault – which is, by the way, a GROSS VIOLATION of our 4th Amendment Rights! There is NO WAY to justify this assault with ANY of the Constitution – and, by the way, they are probably excepting Muslim women who wear hibabs – and full body cover! (HUH????) anyone – terrorists – can dress like that and be waived through…but WE, THE PEOPLE are supposed to subject ourselves to this?
    NOT ME – no how!

  • John Nobles

    Wow, I am so sorry for what you had to go through! It sickens me and saddens me, and makes me angry at the same time. You’re a Flight Attendant, for God’s sake! You have to ensure the safety and security of all your passengers, and they treat you like this so you can’t even do your job properly…stressing you out?

    I read the story about the guy in SAN a couple of days ago where they were going to squeeze his testicles, and he refused. They’ve threatened to sue him for $10,000 or jail him. And now they’re doing the same stuff to women, feeling/rubbing their vulva and breasts? What’s next, probe inside the vagina and rectum? It’s only one more step to that. The sad part is, we know we’re not a bit safer, and it’s only about controlling the public and invading our privacy. All my friends agree, we won’t be flying ever again unless this stops. My heart goes out to you, Megan. I hope you’ll still be able to do your job after this. God bless.

  • locki johnson

    I have artificial knees, they beep. Why then do they have to violate my rights with a pat down? If I am singled out because of my knees, then check my knees. There is no reason for the rest!

  • MIKE

    The airline industry needs to step up and voice their concerns. Especially when more and more travelers will opt out of flying due to this abrasive treatment by the government.

  • Philipe

    I don’t know what your peoples problems are.. You all are making such a big deal about something so dumb. These security guards are not trying to make it sexual. That’s all of you! Get over it. They’re trying to protect you and you tell them there the perverts? Wow, that’s real civilized America.

    • NewYorkDan

      “You are all making a big deal aobut nothing.” Read the Bill of Rights, which is being violated here, and learn about the history that made this document necessary. Then take a look at Stalinist Russia, Nazi Germany, and other societies that so closely monitored their own citizens. At the beginning is always some inconvenience or humiliation built around lies which the Government claims is needed to protect citizens. It then goes further and further, becomes increasingly intrusive and selective, and then people awake one morning in a totalitarian society. This is where we are going with all of this “security” and the erosion of our rights under the law. This is the “problem” that “we people” have with this. And this is not just some people making a big deal over things you don’t understand. It is concerned citizens who very much DO understand history and do not wish to be doomed to repeat it.

  • David Ross
  • http://www.lewrockwell.com/blog libertymatters

    Good bye orbitz
    Good bye travelocity
    Good bye Disney
    Good bye Marriot
    Good bye Holiday Inn
    Good bye Avis
    Good bye Thrifty
    Good bye United
    Good bye TWA
    Good bye Southwest
    Good bye Delta
    Good bye Hawaii
    Good bye Freedom
    Good bye Liberty

    The Terrorists have won

    Anything that you now have or need a license for, used to be a right.
    But we are now merely “inventory”, to be RFID chipped, and we are not to travel about or communicate or transact business or sex without the government knowing about it.

    When the Patriot Act was signed, it was never read- Bush was in office and so Rush supported it. If McCain or Palin would be in office instead of Obama or Hillary- you would not hear a peep out of him over this. He would gladly grab his ankles for Bush.

    The Constitution is toilet paper and Janet Napolitano wipes her A$$ with it every time she has a “constitutional”

  • http://legitgov.org Sojourner Verdadera

    Keeping foremost in mind — the beloved, peaceful, honest, caring people of integrity living throughout our country and planet and also our cherished U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, I commend you —
    please keep up the good work, in all your endeavors.

    and LEGAL FRAMEWORK ??? —–
    Follow the money $$$$$$…… and the U.K., U.S., multinational corps./financial elites profiteering cabal —
    including be sure to thoroughly research the following:

    — Warren Buffett and the behind-the-scenes history (clandestine corruption) of his expanding NETJETS, Inc. business (executive flight service/chartered private planes).

    — Former Homeland Security honcho (Dual-Citizen traitor & “Nosferatu” lookalike)
    Michael Chertoff and his current lobbying business on behalf of OSI – Rapiscan Corp. (major producer of backscatter radiation nude-o-scope machines)

    — British Corporation SMITHS DETECTION, Inc. (which advertises itself, coincidentally,
    as the world’s largest producer of cargo scanning machines & equipment)

    —– * In sum, there is an apt phrase to describe the security-scam scenario,
    (vast, deep, slithering tentacles of corruption) !

    —– ADDITIONAL QUESTION: Why do we have (b.s.) sham-scam theatrical airport security (along with staged covert ops/ psyops), when our land border with Mexico has been COMPLETELY WIDE OPEN to a deleterious inundation of drugs, thugs, human smuggling, and MS-13 gangsters ???!!!

  • Carol D

    Everyone! Post this link on FACEBOOK! spread the word! Get EVERYONE to write/call every airline and REFUSE TO FLY unless and until this UNCONSTITUTIONAL PROCEDURE IS STOPPED!
    Do you have ANY IDEA how many terrorists come across our border every year? – no? – don’t feel bad, neither does the government! and, by the way, Illegals – with no background check – IN VIOLATION OF THE LAWS – are still allowed to take flying lessons! but WE, THE PEOPLE cannot fly without going through sexual assault by our government representatives?

    Can you say SUBJUGATION?
    According to WordWeb (online dictionary):
    subjugate: verb.
    1. Put down by force or intimidation;
    2. Make subservient; force to submit or subdue
    Last time I looked this violates our Constitution!
    “The rich landowners subjugated the peasants working the land”

  • Eric Parent

    I cannot even imagine allowing my wife, my 9 year old daughter, or my 5 year old son to be touched in this manner. It is just as offensive to me is either one of them being voyeured at through a computer monitor. It’s my impression that some of these TSA workers are sketchy people at best. If any “regular” citizen were to use one of these scanners to view children they would be immediately arrested for child pornography and jailed. However, the US government is cloaking this pornography under the veil of “airport security”! I just don’t buy it. My question is “Can’t we see the same risks of explosives and/or weapons with a regular x-ray that doesn’t look like a pornography image?” And if not, “can’t we combine a regular x-ray with the skills of a trained K-9 that are renowned for their abilities at detecting these kinds of risks?” With all of the brilliant people in this country we can definately find a way to make our airports safe without destroying the traveler’s trips. It is my belief that we need to benchmark some of the safest airports in the world and team up with them to design security measures that make our airports safe, yet protect the rights, privacy, and civil liberties of our US citizens. These principle should and could be the foremost objectives of airport security.

  • dan f

    What is the problem with you liberals. IT’S FOR YOUR PROTECTION. Desperate times call for desperate measures. This is the world we live in today. If you don’t want to be groped then go through the scanners. It’s that simple. I’d rather swallow a little pride and go through the scanners knowing I will be home to see my kids. If you want to make a difference join the armed forces, but I doubt that will happen in this xbox,ps3 “gamer” generation. Nobody has any balls anymore. You have to profile people. If there is nothing to hide then there is NO PROBLEM. Enjoy the “pussification of America”. Don’t worry when a plane comes crashing to the ground it’s not the impact but the explosion and fire that cremates you. Good Luck.

    • Eric Parent

      Ummm, I am pretty sure that you need to look up the definition of “Liberal”. At this moment your post makes you sound like a very left liberal. People do not want these scanners because they are taking pornographic pictures of women and children. period! This would be somewhat more tolerable if it were the only way to make airports safe. However, Ben Gurion, Israel’s international airport which is coincidentally rated as the “Safest Airport in the World”, does not have these scanners. Maybe we are using tunnel vision in our search for airport security. I don’t have all the answers but I can tell you this, I am a conservative Republican and this kind of infringment on our liberties is something Conservatives will not tolerate.

    • NewYorkDan

      …Because here in America, expressing our own opinion qualifies as “pussification.” Because doing so shows a lack of “balls.” Because insulting others in as rude a tone as possible is what America is really all about, especially if you can call someone a ‘liberal.”

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  • Carol D

    Interesting discussion on this topic.- just got it from a friend.
    A Commentary from K— B——
    The terrorists have won. We’re now a police state when it comes to air travel. I’m far more scared of some fat and otherwise-unemployable former warehouse stocker who now wields a federal badge than I am of ANY terrorist. I’m more frightened of any of the alphabet-soup federal agencies of the United States, my own countrymen, than anyone I might bump into in my travels from the Middle East.

    The Israelis laugh at us. They have no scanners, no pat-downs in their airports. I saw their chief of airport security when they started installing those backscatter machines in airports. Some American newsman asked him about them and about airport and jetliner security in general.
    The man actually *sneered* when talking about the many millions of dollars they would cost the taxpayers and flying public. And he said they were absolutely useless as Israeli security services had already figured a way around them, a way to smuggle deadly things aboard jetliners even after going through them. The newsman asked him how THEY handled security. Strictly by profiling, he said. You look at them. You look at their body language. You observe how they are dressed. You watch their expressions. You check their tickets to see where they’ve come from and where they are going. You rarely even speak to anyone, just look at their paperwork and watch them. He said all of this as if he were talking to a small child, slowly, like he was trying to explain the very obvious to a moron.

    The U.S. and the technological empires that run us fell back on technology. The Israelis focus on people. I think at one point the Israeli security chief even called us “fools.”

    After that interview, the newsman went on to say that Israel secretly offered the Bush White House to take and train our airport security people. They were willing to send experts to the U.S. and train them extensively, just like they’d been trained at home.

    They were turned down.

    You could not drag me through one of those airport security areas with a team of wild horses. I’d fight anyone trying to degrade me to that extent the same as I would fight them if they were trying to rape me.
    I’d like to go to Mars for the weekend sometime, but that isn’t possible. Someday I might want, very badly, to go to Los Angeles or New York in a day. Currently, that too is impossible for me. If everyone was like me–or that gentleman who refused to be groped–the airlines would shut down as soon as the airborne planes landed. And THEN we’d see positive changes made.

    But once a federal agency–or several–have been created, try eliminating it. Go ahead. Try it.


  • Carol D

    Safe? – LIES! Discreet? – LIES!
    Read this article (too long to quote here) and then decide…and by the way, to dan f: LIBERALS are not fighting this – we are CONSERVATIVES who are trying to CONSERVE our GOD-GIVEN, Constitutionally GUARANTEED Rights!
    (be sure to copy entire link!)
    READ THE CONSTITUTION…..I’ll be even YOU can understand it! – unlike the gibberish they write as legislation today!

    “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Ben Franklin

  • http://www.digital3dweb.com Digital 3D Web

    If you touch my junk, I’ll kick your a#@$%!

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  • Issociopathyinvovled

    Here’s a new take on this monstrousness: Welcome to Antfarm World — sociopathic modality at the airports (http://pathwhisperer.wordpress.com/2010/11/16/welcome-to-antfarm-world-%E2%80%94-sociopathic-modality-at%C2%A0the%C2%A0airports/)

  • Steve

    High school dropouts shouldn’t be allowed to operate machines that emit x-rays. They shouldn’t even be trusted with a flashlight.

  • Yep

    i’m just waiting for someone to just take off all their clothes right before they get to the porno scanner and then opt out. then what happens?

  • Steve Kemp

    This is to all the morons that obediently head for the airport scanners, or submit to full body searches, all while confidently blabbering that “this will guarantee our safety and I’m glad to do it”.

    So let me get this straight. You’re about to walk into a twenty foot diameter tube with windows that’s cleared for take-off to thirty-two thousand feet at 525 miles per hour, all while you sit there reading a book, watching TV or listening to your iPod, and somehow you think YOU ARE SAFE?? I’ll bet you voted for Obama too!

  • Janice Giles

    Janet Napolitano needs to be first in line for a full body scan, with the President and his Mrs. right behind. No more special planes for any government official either. What is good for the goose is certainly good for the gander. It is sad that the TSA officers are so desparate for jobs that they would even keep working TSA.

  • Michael

    First of all let me say that I am all for increased security and the safety of our nation and its people, but this whole thing with the TSA and these machines has caused me to change my travel plans for the upcoming holidays. I was planning to fly to California (like I have done many, many times) and now think I will look into an alternative travel method. The idea of being subjected to public humiliation and possibly risking my health is not worth the price of getting to the other side of the country in 5 hours. The last time I flew, I remember a few TSA agents acting as if they were above everyone and the law itself. I thought they were put in place to help us but now it seems as if this agency has become the terrorists! I am glad I bought refundable tickets and now that I think about it, I have always wanted to see our country by rail. I am done with flying until they change these policies and procedures and maybe have their agents take some customer service and sensitivity training courses.

  • Sam McNally

    PLEASE, American citizens, “maintain the rage”. This TSA goon-squad needs to be threatened/frightened into a state of compliance. It will only happen if/when ENOUGH people who are outraged, express that. THEN ….. cue the army of class-action lawyers, hopefully such a group is “smelling a opportunity” right now. The TSA should be put on notice with legal threats. SEXUAL ASSAULT is a very serious crime.

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