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Fundraising Update: Last Day to Contribute

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Hello, everyone, I hope you are all enjoying a pleasant summer.

Fundraising is going poorly. We’ve raised less than 10% of what we need to maintain a forward-looking posture over the next 6 months.

When Jim and I started We Won’t Fly, our fuel was passion and outrage. But that can’t sustain our resistance indefinitely. Like any other organization that wants to change federal policy, we can’t have an impact without constant, sustained effort.

Perhaps TSA abuse is not important to you anymore. You don’t mind that you can’t use airports anymore without putting your dignity and freedom at risk. And it doesn’t phase you that the TSA is expanding into bus and train stations and onto the roads.

Or perhaps you don’t think that We Won’t Fly can actually put your funds to effective use. Perhaps there is another, more effective organization out there that shut down TSA scoping and groping for more than just one of the busiest travel weekends of the year?

Perhaps you just don’t like our plan?

Perhaps you’ve lost hope.

Well, we haven’t. We’re going to keep working on this issue but you have to understand that both Jim and I have other projects and customers to take care of. We have families to support. We can continue working on this at a low-intensity level – but a low-intensity campaign is just not going to get us anywhere. It’s at best a holding pattern.

Meanwhile the TSA is well-funded, expanding and quite full of itself. I’m sure that the TSA bureaucrats who read this site are quite pleased that our fundraising is doing so poorly.

Whether you support our work or not, I encourage you to organize in your community for dignity and liberty not just with respect to the TSA, but also with any and all corporations, organizations and/or governmental agencies that threaten those values.

In order to have maximum effect, the money you contribute will first go towards the key part of our planned campaign, which happens in November. As we raise more funds than we need for just the first 3 weeks of November, we’ll apply those funds towards building momentum and organizing resistance in October, September and the upcoming month of August.

Thanks for your continued support and your principled resistance to tyranny.

P.S. There’s still time to donate. Please see the right-hand column. Thanks!

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