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Grandma Got Molested At The Airport – Funny Video

  • email

Entertaining song to the tune of “Grandma Got Ran Over By a Reindeer”. I love all this comedy that is coming out. We’re winning!

  • Robin

    Thatis just too funny lol

  • Chirpit

    Will anyone play this on their way through the TSA blockades? How much money would it take to get this played once in one airport during a typically busy hour?
    … Anyone going caroling at an airport?

    Anyway, I was amused. Had to get my brother over to the computer to listen. We both chuckled several times.

  • Henry

    Funnier than the original.

  • D’Ann

    That was just beyond awesome. Please, please let’s do a flash mob of this song.

  • LaRubia

    It would be funny if it wasn’t so serious a subject. I don’t so much blame the TSA terrorists as I blame their supervisors and the people running the show. It’s damn well about time that they learn they’re working for the American people and not the other way around.

  • Jay

    I’m SO gonna do this at karaoke. Hilarious!!!!

  • http://facebook DebbieV

    I would play it if I were flying; I have enough chutzpah to do that. But I’m driving several thousand miles to avoid flying and the TSA.

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  • http://actnow.travelwithdignity ed

    that song is awesome where can i get it on a cd its so true where are they gonna draw the line

  • Inez

    ROFLMAO. A GREAT parody to one of my favorite Holiday songs.

  • kelly

    Have to say, I’m quite proud of my brother who wrote and sings this parody! He’s quite witty!

  • Pat

    I wonder how TSA would react if everyone helped them out by dropping their shorts before being patted down ;-)

    • dyolL

      I think I’ll just wear a trench coat – nuthin else!

  • David

    The song sure is funny. I’m sure it won’t be funny should one of our relatives die because 1 terrorist got through with a bomb. Hate the true reason and its murderous proponetnts. If you still don’t know who they are, something must be wrong with you.

    • http://GeorgeDonnelly.com George Donnelly

      The TSA makes us less safe, David. If anyone is putting you in danger, it’s the TSA and not a harmless parody song.

  • Shakes

    If a terrorist gets a bomb onto an airplane, then it will be because the terrorists are looking forward, not looking behind them like TSA. The new naked body scanners and molestation techniques are in place to prevent another underwear bomber. The first, and last, underwear bombing took place almost a full year before TSA put these new policies in place. There will never be another Al Qaeda underwear bombing. If they were going to do another one, they would have done it within the year when there were no security measures against it. The terrorists are clever and imaginative, and we have to look for new, unexpected threats, not old, worn-out plots.

    The TSA would be better served learning how to profile terrorists based on behavior (posture, nervous tics, expressions of mingled fear and determination, etc.) rather than by going down a checklist of prohibited items and molesting old ladies with metal hips. Every item we can’t bring on a plane is one less item we can use to defend ourselves from potential terrorists on a plane.

    Oh, hey, brainwave. If laser pointers aren’t yet forbidden on flights, then everyone should carry one on airplanes. Shine them in the terrorist’s eyes to blind him for a moment, giving the passengers the chance to take him down. After all, fellow passengers (and quick-thinking flight attendants on hand with a pot of boiling hot coffee) are the first line of defense if a terrorist makes it onto an airplane.

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