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Homeland Security Trolling We Won’t Fly Blog

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I was about to delete an offensive comment on this blog – one of the very few we get – and thought, hmm, I wonder where this guy is posting from? Because, really, it is quite unusual for us to get nasty comments. Lo and behold, the troll posted to our website from an IP address controlled by the federal government’s Department of Homeland Security! Here is the taxpayer-funded troll’s gem of a comment, for your entertainment:

Fuck you, Fuck all you cocksuckers, you wont change anything. ride the bus, TSA is here to stay there doing a great job keeping americia safe.

(Later, I checked our comment database and found 19 more of these gems from the same IP address. See below.)

Here is a link to the screenshot of the WordPress comment. As you can see, the IP address it was posted from is Here is the publicly accessible whois record for that IP:

NetRange: –
NetHandle: NET-216-81-80-0-1
Parent: NET-216-0-0-0-0
NetType: Direct Assignment
NameServer: NS5.DHS.GOV
NameServer: NS6.DHS.GOV
NameServer: NS3.DHS.GOV
NameServer: NS4.DHS.GOV
RegDate: 2008-05-07
Updated: 2009-09-01
Ref: http://whois.arin.net/rest/net/NET-216-81-80-0-1

OrgId: DHS-37
Address: 7681 BOSTON BLVD
Address: NDC I
StateProv: VA
PostalCode: 22153
Country: US
RegDate: 2005-12-05
Updated: 2008-05-22
Ref: http://whois.arin.net/rest/org/DHS-37

OrgTechHandle: DIA9-ARIN
OrgTechPhone: +1-703-921-7595
OrgTechEmail: [email protected]
OrgTechRef: http://whois.arin.net/rest/poc/DIA9-ARIN

OrgNOCPhone: +1-703-921-7595
OrgNOCEmail: [email protected]
OrgNOCRef: http://whois.arin.net/rest/poc/DIA9-ARIN

Some questions come to mind:

  • Is this an official statement?
  • If not, is it an accurate representation of the DHS position?
  • Was this person on the public dime when he or she posted this?
  • Who posted this and what is their position with DHS?

This is not the first time we have been trolled by individuals connected to the TSA. Someone posted a personal attack on me from an IP belonging to mitre.org, a corporation whose core competency is securing federal government contracts, including DHS and TSA ones. Any effective TSA resistance threatens not only the TSA itself but also the bureaucrats who got us to this point and the corporations who are getting paid for the technology.

EDIT: In fact, there are are 19 comments from that IP address in our comment database! Here are some choice ones:

November 9:

Funny site you have going on here, looking forward to the guest comic postings.. what a bunch of rubes you all are.. BTW TSA officers make on avg $14.50 per hour to start. Much more than your bottle collecting jobs you have.

In this one, the troll identifies himself as “Butch Forman” with an email address of [email protected]

You people are really messed up. That you sit around and put forth the hatred that you spew. If any of you are parents who have children, I feel sorry for the kids because you will raise them to be cynical, skeptical and totally paranoid. The TSA who work everyday trying to earn a living are parents, retired professionals, students, ex-law enforcement a whole diverse population of people who are trying to support their families and hope that they are doing what is necessary to protect those who travel. Give it a rest would you and if you feel that way about flying, then do me and the TSA a favor and don’t fly, that is your right, exercise it please. It makes the line at the airport alot shorter for those of us who get it.

You can refuse to fly too. Train, car, bus, boat, walk, bicycle, motorcycle,..You don’t have to fly…You know that TSA perosnnel travel by air also..and they go through security just as anyone lse does….Are you for real or just argumentative…Homeschooled your kids..makes sense now

Another one from that same IP is from “DP” with email address [email protected] Another one from “Jeff” with email address [email protected]

November 15 from [email protected]

Like I said before; This is turining into one of the best comedy sites on the internet… I love the fact that you have people all wound up about this liar.. Good for your ad dollars I’ll bet.. Ohhh let me guess what you folks have in mind next to generate $$ …. Ummm oh yeah TSA “agents” are really aliens looking for food!!!!!

From “iLoveTSAandtheUSA” with email [email protected]

Do any of you really think TSA is going to care if everyone requests a full body pat down instead of walking through the metal detector or body scanners?
They get to go home once their shift is over, no matter how long the lines are.
Less passengers flying means less work for them!
TSA must be doing something right if no hijackings or attacks have occured on American soil since 9/11.
I’d feel much safer if everyone was screened thoroughly. A terrorist can be anyone.

November 18 from “Anonymous” with email [email protected]

Wow so what you people want is a Private Security firm with no accountability to take over a Federalized, controlled, accountable and impregnable screening force. Good luck, I see an attack in our near future. Americans are so spoiled. You want protection with no loss of freedoms. Think back to 9-11. would you have been saying the same things if this took place right after that day? Grow up and get a life instead of bashing a working system. Everyone hates the IRS but no one complains when a Police officer comes to assist you when your being assaulted. Sounds funny because the tax laws the IRS enforces pays all civil service salaries. Once again society announces its ignorance.

Let me clear this up for you people who clearly are misinformed. At EVERY airport you visit there will be a little sign stating in a blip, that you are voluntarily subimiting youself and your property for screening. So when you walk through, no one is putting a gun to your head and making you fly. its your choice. And because this is a Commercial airline transporting people, it must require that everyone be screened throughly. And because you are so upset and not thinking you fail to realize the simplicity of it. You put your bags in and you walk through. So no it isnt illegal people. Is it illegal for Private companies to do it? no because its security duhhh. Then how is it illegal when TSA does it. You people dont think. And if you read the press reslease from TSA, they state that the images are not kept and that the officer isnt allowed to see theface of the person being screened. If you feel something is off when you go to get scanned, then inform a Law enforcement official or ask for a TSA rep. Simple. Stop throwing out lies and nonsense people. I can imagine you all sitting around thinking up crazy rumors to circulate. Also Im 4 years Army MP and I know a thing or two about security. thanks

November 25 from ” YourWrong” with email [email protected]

Why has your great Opt-Out leader never posted on this site what he would do to keep passengers who choose to fly safe from being blown up? Being a critic is for simpletons – experts however actually have to look for solutions.

Think about it!!!

And there are more. These are just the best ones.

EDIT: I’ll release the screenshot from the WordPress admin interface shortly.

EDIT: Here is the screenshot [744KB PNG]. It’s big and you may have to zoom in on it in your browser or image viewer. Note: this is just of the other 19 comments. There is a screenshot of the latest one at the top of this page, and I marked it as spam so I suppose it doesn’t show up in the search.

  • [email protected]

    i live in europe and this was one of the reasons to never travel to USA.

    land of the free? right……

    USA citizens must uncover what happend on 9/11..

    this is all connected, an event(9/11) to push the “spy on the citizens” (patrioct act ) agenda.

    • concerned citizen

      Europeans need to know that Americans get “infotainment” instead of real news here. The news media allows about 5 minutes to report on a subject, on purpose of course, no thanks to their being whores to major corporations. In Europe you get real news that is extensive, long, thorough and uncensored. If Europeans think Americans are not catching on, i’ts because they are not given the real news. We agree with what you said above and we thank you. Wish Americans had the opportunity to know about the Patriot Act as in Europe. Anybody who wants to know should go to the ACLU’s website and read about it

      the TSA”s actions have everything to do with the Patriot Act and its overbroad definition of terrorism. (Overbroad according to…the ACLU, CEnter for Constitutional Rights, National Lawyers Guild, American Rifle Assocation, Bruce FEin former deputy Atty GEnl’ under Reagan, and dozens of organizations joining the ACLU’s fight against the Patriot Act).
      No wonder we the people are being treated as terrorists until proven innocent. Time to overturn the Patriot Act.

    • Nina

      Absolutely!!! TSA Trapping Slaved Americans ANYONE that works for the TSA are Traitors to the American people!!!! You do nothing but Harrass, Intimidate and Mock the American people this has NOthing to do with our safety AT ALL!!! GET ANOTHER JOB!!!

    • Nina


  • Jonathan Thomaseti

    We, the Sheeple are letting the overwhelming power of an authoritarian bureaucracy strip away our freedoms along with our privacy in the name of security.

    Benjamin Franklin had something to say about that:
    “Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

    Arm the entire flight crew at the least.

    Use the El Al Israel Airlines Ltd model. El Al is the safest airline in the world. Israel has been dealing with these nuts for a lot longer than we have, and they know what works.

    Don’t strip us of our freedoms and dignity.

    I will not “Go Gentle Into that Good Night”

    What’s next? 1930s Germany?

    REFUSE to FLY!

    • Atredes

      HEY Thomaseti, who the heck do you think you are?! You think and post just like me. DITTO to your whole Post!

      Before this non-sense of the TSA the airlines were pretty much on the way of putting themselves out of business by putting a surcharge on everything. I was waiting on a surcharge on the Oxygen masks. You have to pay a non-refundable fee of in the case of cabin depressurization yours would not drop down.

      At that time I already had a 90-minutes rule. If the flight was 90-minutes or less I can drive that in a day so after all of the hassle of extra fees, security delays, rental cars ad the other end I said this is stupid!

      And this Crap about the TSA going through security… yeh kind of strange how the elitists in Washington have exempted themselves from the TSA security process. Too inconvenient for them?

  • http://www.forloveofyurts.blogspot.com Bruce Wm Sargent

    I think that consulting an ACLU lawyer (service is free and merely a telephone call) on this affair is appropriate.

    1. Are the trolls TSA policy acted out?
    2. If not and if the trolls are initiated by an individual, doesn’t that person need to be fired for using government property and government time to act outside of policy?

    A tax payer should not be paying to be harassed and I believe legally can’t be by an agency or agent of the government.


  • Jonathan S.

    I changed a word. Does this still make sense?

    You people are really messed up. That you sit around and put forth the hatred that you spew. If any of you are parents who have children, I feel sorry for the kids because you will raise them to be cynical, skeptical and totally paranoid. The Nazis who work everyday trying to earn a living are parents, retired professionals, students, ex-law enforcement a whole diverse population of people who are trying to support their families and hope that they are doing what is necessary to protect those who travel. Give it a rest would you and if you feel that way about flying, then do me and the Nazis a favor and don’t fly, that is your right, exercise it please. It makes the line at the airport alot shorter for those of us who get it.

    • I hate feds

      Just remember Jonathon S, TSA thug, everything comes full circle. You will be held accountable for your actions. The defense, “I was only following orders” will not help you at your trial. The people are fed up with thugs like you from the federal government. You are merely a weak insecure worm who feels like a big man in a TSA costume. Your time is coming. Wave goodbye and let the countdown begin……

  • Zhaliberty

    Good going job, George. It only takes a lil snooping to put a few pieces of the puzzle together. TSA via their blog and this harassment is branding themselves as vile propagandists. I find very disturbing.

  • Susan

    George, I posted a resource link to my own hosted space at the blog of http://fedupflyers.org and sure enough, someone at the same IP address followed the link from Fed Up Flyers to my website. That happened on November 10. Received no email, I have no related blog to post to, but I’m keeping that log in case I need it someday.

  • bandit

    You can have some fun – you might want to ask them where their “radiation badge” is – they can’t wear them, so who knows how much excess radiation they are being exposed to? The porno scanners are not calibrated. None of the calibration companies will calibrate a NON-medical xray machine. So hopefully if anyone gets zapped with xrays, it will be the TSA. They’re literally breathing in backscattered xrays with no clue what dose they are getting on a daily basis.
    The good news is that the TSA won’t be able to reproduce soon.

  • Jaym

    You’re definitely right… we won’t fly.

    I won’t any time soon, because the airlines don’t modernize their planes or perform proper safety upon them.

    I won’t any time soon, because we don’t thoroughly know every last item being placed in storage on them.

    I won’t any time soon, because of people like those here- who are fighting against necessary efforts to try to make it safe enough to fly, for no good reason whatsoever.

    Do you have a sister website about not going to the doctor? You know, they not only “feel you up”- they see you NAKED. O. M. G. End of your life, right? You know what DOESN’T happen at the airport? You do NOT get seen naked. Because the scanners do NOT show nudity. Period.

    You’re so much more concerned with a professional feeling your body for a brief moment to assure you don’t have something that can (easily) take a plane down, you’d rather kill 350 people. Sorry, but while you may be suicidal- I’m not there yet.

    So, we won’t fly. I won’t, for certain.

    Not until there is a 100 percent guarantee that the only danger is mechanical or pilot error- (and even then if such a chance is less than half a percent).

    Your “freedoms” don’t include the right to murder other citizens because of your prudishness and ignorance.

    P.S. I’ll save you time: I’m not posting from the TSA, I’m posting from Lansing, MI from a relative’s house I’ve been stuck in for 8 years due to the Bush Great Recession and failed Bush Administration policies.

    • NewYorkDan

      Please don’t take this the wrong way, but do you really think that the groping and imaging of passengers would make a plane safe? Because the head of security at El Al Airlines in Isreal (where the terrorist threat is far more severe than it is here in the US) has said he could easily get enough explosives past TSA security to down a plane. We have no fear of the doctor seeing us naked because the doctor is actually doing it for a reason. And the doctor does not treat anyone who refuses such treatment (if you refuse both the TSA pat-down and the body imaging scanner, you get arrested on terrorism charges). It is not that we are prudish, but because we are deeply concerned about the sociopolitical implications of the TSA making us trade security for liberty without delivering either. Mechanical issues are a very real concern, as airlines sometimes cut corners on safety regarding the maintainance of their fleets. But that is not the focus of this forum.

    • eric

      You are a fucking idiot and I don’t care how insensitive that sounds. Fucking assholes like you make it so easy for the fucking Nazis in both parties to accomplish their agenda.

  • http://ae911truth.org Tony Wicher

    Well, these TSA employees are entitled to their opinions. As Mark Twain said, show me where a man gets his corn pone and I’ll tell you his ‘pinions. For myself, I totally agree with the stand people are taking against the pornoscanners and the body searches. It’s an intolerable violation of privacy. You won’t find me flying anywhere. But we need to put our actions in a wider context. People have to understand that the “War on Terror” is a complete fraud. Does everyone know the facts about the Underpants Bomber? This poor kid is the son of one of the richest men in Nigeria. Just a few days before the incident, he went to the U.S. embassy and reported that his son had gotten involved with some jihadi types and could be involved in some kind of terrorist activities. This did not result in Abdulmutallab being kept off the airplane. On the contrary, he was observed by two unimpeachable eyewitnesses, a man and his wife, both lawyers, being put on the plane by a “sharp dressed man”. At the boarding desk, they overheard a discussion between the airline clerk and the sharp dressed man. Abdulmutallab did not have a passport. The man told the airline official that “he’s from Sudan…we do this all the time”. The airline official said they would have to talk to his supervisor. The lawyer and his wife saw them head for the supervisor’s office. They did not see Abdulmutallab again until he set fire to his crotch. There was never any danger to the plane. This was a publicity stunt to get these full body scanners installed. This story was on CNN the day it happened but was buried immediately.


    The Times Square Bomber, the Shoe Bomber, the Christmas Tree Bomber – these are nothing but publicity stunts using mentally unstable or retarded patsies to further the agenda of those who would take away our freedom. But the biggest publicity stunt of all was 9/11.


    • concerned citizen

      Talk about mentally unstable!
      How about…
      waging wars based on lies: Where is the empathy in that? Sorta like Charles Manson with nuclear weapons in his hands.
      What about frisking people’s and childrens’ groins in the name of security while pretending to be *really concerned* with going on internet-based pedophile hunts?
      What about clamping down on free travel and such power-based crazes?
      Yes the underwear and shoe bombers were mentally unstable, but so are our government officials, clearly and certifiably.
      The war OF terror is a criminal act of abnormal psychology, and needs to be exposed as such.

  • Anonymous

    The mitre.org guy – was that comment removed too?

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  • NotABrownShirt
    • http://GeorgeDonnelly.com George Donnelly

      Most if not all of the comments are intended to provoke, distract or divide and that indeed is trolling.

  • kouby

    Hey, hadn’t thought of this yet but the scanners might be a quite effective way of implementing eugenics in a really twisted and mad way. Anyone stupid enough to take a kick out of “patting down” (read molesting) people in public just get to stand all day long next to this cool death machine and have all their sperm irradiated…

  • http://www.twitter.com/tsagov @TSAgov

    I see you got our message.

  • Rwahrens

    That IP address is most likely a shared address…

    I work for the FDA, and we have three IP addresses we share to users that surf outside the intranet. Meaning that any logs on web sites they go to will show one of those IP addresses, no matter how many folks are doing it from within our system.

    So your comments could be coming from any number of different people within TSA, not necessarily the same guy.

    It is an Enterprise version of NAT that is used on small routers, and prevents outsiders from being able to see our internal IP structure.

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  • Traveler6188

    Fellow Americans – TSA is guilty of massive waste, fraud and abuse, and has exposed us to grave danger by misdirecting their security procedures at low-risk passengers (and conducting illegal full-body searches and pat downs) while not providing any genuine, intelligent security to actually detect terrorists (e.g., non-US citizens with intent to blow up planes, no security for cargo hold workers many of whom are green card holders, etc.). Enough talk – time for serious action here folks. Start by refusing the scanners AND pat downs, and if anyone attempts this sexual assault on you or your loved ones, the proper response should be to defend yourselves by all means necessary (use your imagination).

    The TSA must be stopped – another action to take in the background is to report them to the Federal Office of Waste, Fraud and Abuse, because their policies and actions are wasteful, fraudulent and abusive to US citizens.

    Congratulations TSA – Billions of our $$ later, while you have not caught a SINGLE terrorist, you’ve managed to “catch” another US pilot, patriot and citizen, harass him, scare him and strip him of his right to bear arms. So who are the terrorists? YOU, TSA – you are now a terrorist organization!

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/willywill1984 willywill1984

    I featured this blog at my youtube page showing the world the proof that government agents waste tax payer money on trolling good sites such as wewontfly. The TSA are a bunch of min wage goons for this NWO scheme and they will not get away with it and so what if the air line industry dies…let it. It’s only because of the people that it has support…until they take those unconstitutional body scanners and stop with the pat downs out of the air ports….who cares about the TSA….they can go bye bye…and they more likely will. Maintain the U.S constitution, long live the Republic and God bless you all.

    • Nina

      God Bless willywill1984

  • concerned citizen

    “You people are really messed up. That you sit around and put forth the hatred that you spew. If any of you are parents who have children, I feel sorry for the kids because you will raise them to be cynical, skeptical and totally paranoid. ”

    I posted this to another website, but will post it again here:

    This is the most classic case of shadow projection I have ever heard. While those waging the war OF terror go chasing down terrorists and terrorize the whole world in so doing, here come TSA agents accusing us of “spewing hatred” and raising kids to be “cynical, skeptical and totally paranoid”. Well excuse me, if frisking their groins in public will not raise kids to be exactly that way, if waging wars based on lies and wreaking deliberate havoc with the economy and people losing homes based on scams won’t do just that….then what will? It never continues to amaze me how beautifully and accurately the Feds are describing their own shadow as they point fingers at others, (or so they think).

    • NewYorkDan

      Anytime you point a finger at someone, you’ve got thre fingers pointed right back at yourself. Try it with the thumb up and the index finger pointing: the remaining three fingers are pointing at yourself. This is true of the comments posted by these TSA goons. They’re saying more about themselves than about anyone else.

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  • Nina
  • Kurt

    How about contacting the TSA to lodge a complaint and ask them to track down the offender.

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  • Sinned

    EU citizen here, I always wanted to visit the USA, but now that the terrorists won and you guys are turning it into a corporate sponsored police state I’ll skip out on that.

    The stuff you read about the TSA, the machines and practices they use is pretty shocking. Even more so if one starts looking on how effective those practices are…

    • Jim Babb

      Sinned, We’d love to have you come visit. Hopefully, we can make it safe again to fly. Until then, there’s always the boat.

      Its too late for the UK, but lets hope the rest of Europe can avoid the same pitfalls.

    • concerned American

      I could be wrong, but my impression is that the Feds are trying to close down the borders and shut down free travel without coming out and saying it, of course. This is just sick because we love you Europeans and the deep influences you have to bring us…the arts, technology, insights, many more things….we are so sorry this is happening and so mad!

      If the Feds are succeeding in preventing free travel to and from America, then their wrongful mission is accomplished.

      • Jim Babb

        The first rule of farming is to keep your cattle from wandering off. The control mechanisms are certainly building. Getting capital out of the country is also getting very difficult. As the regime ratchets up the plunder, they have no choice but to tighten the corral. This is an historic certainty.

  • JJ

    Most security in Amerika is a joke for those who know REAL security. Most of the security that you see is for show. This includes airports. Let us crab your crotch and radiate you but meanwhile the border with lawless Mexico is WIDE open. Pilots have to be abused to board that aircraft but the maintenance and cargo crews do not. Who knows what they are sticking in the planes, drugs, guns, bombs? All these scare tactics and fake security are to keep the Amerikan people scared so that they will except an ever growing police state.

    JJ The Fed (AAS and BS in Criminal Justice)
    Security Analyst, US Government
    (former deputy sheriff and prison guard)

  • http://www.wewontfly.com PeterSW

    When visiting the USA last year I was annoyed by the shoes and belts nonsense by the Theatre Sports America. Now the idiocy of the perv and grope brigade means that I won’t be visiting the USA again until this nonsense is removed. Or I shall fly into Mexico or Canada and drive into the USA rather than have my family subjected to these irrational and unwarranted abuses. Fascism is as Fascism Does. If it looks like fascism, acts like fascism and behaves like fascism it’s probably Fascism.
    Since when did Don’t Tread on Me become a plea instead of a warning?
    Best of luck in getting rid of the TSA and other Big Brother bullshit.

    • Atredes

      Ever since Resident Obama was put in the WH the fix was in. The Big O is a Marxist Muslim who hates America. The object or terrorism is to get people to live in Fear and change their behavior. The Terrorists have made major advances and unless Americans stand up and refuse to fly and Bankrupt the airlines or get the TSA disbanded or circumvent them entirely by choosing Private or Charter air, Bus, Auto or Train then the Terrorist have won! Why build a Mosque on Ground Zero? It’s like raising the flag on the Enemy High Ground saying you’ve won the battle. Get a CLUE People

      I can’t wait for the 1st lawsuits about people getting Cancer from the x-ray machines oh won’t that be fun!

      • NewYorkDan

        This buildup to Big Brother began under GW Bush and especially under The PATRIOT Act. Obama has merely allowed things to continue. How does it help to blame him and call him (our freely elected President) a Muslim? And what does the Islamic center in lower Manhattan have ANYTHING to do with airport security?

        Our founding document is The Declaration of Independence. All that we are as Americans began with this document. It has the following words: “We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all men were created equal, that they were endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” Not just the Christians, not just the Americans, but ALL MEN are EQUAL and given rights BY THEIR CREATOR. It astounds me how many people conveniently forget this, as they set about persecuting Muslims (a religion that existed thousands of years before Christianity). Quit wrapping your racist hate-mongering in an American flag. It’s the opposite of what this country is all about.

        Please tell me that you, Atredes, are not a TSA agent.

        • NewYorkDan

          “A Marxist Muslim?” Really?

      • Leigh

        What an idiot. How could someone take on that crappy position as President if they hated America? I know Muslim people and it is a sin for them to deny their religion – so why would Obama deny being a Muslim. The Retards also hated it when – God-forbid – a CATHOLIC came into the White House. Let’s get over this anal retentive nonsense, get better educations and use some common sense (if that is possible).
        The idiotic statement about the terrorists have made advances can’t be backed up – the powers that be are the new terrorists – and The Patriot Act scares me far more than any terrorist group as it has a far wider reach and consequences for innocent citizens.

  • http://www.912blog.com Lee

    Now there will be a memo at the TSA on how to post using proxies…

  • Kathleen

    Last year I received a free ticket to fly on a major airline (due to their overbooking). But I have no plans to use it. Instead, I have been taking the train rather than fly for free. And the ONLY reason is because of this peek and grope thing that the TSA has set up. I refuse to fly until this affront to my dignity is gone.

    Thank you to We Won’t Fly for supporting America, Americans, and the Constitution of the United States!

  • http://snardfarker.ning.com Rob

    1st off, the “Terrorists” are our own Government, Al-CIA-duh was created by the CIA. Cave dwellers w/ box cutters certainly didn’t do 9/11. This whole secure America thing is a damn farce. The ulterior motive is for the NWO to herd the sheep into the FEMA camps and finish their eugenics plan of reducing world pop to 80%

    I hope after we expose the truth (& we will) that all party’s involved (Cheney, Rummy, Bush, Wolfowitz, etc) get life terms or death penalties, the BS “Patriot Act” gets shit canned, the TSA, CIA, DHS, and other Alphabet Companys get dissolved. We need to cut our military force to @ least 2/3′s of what it is now. The tyrannical Police State that is now Amerika must go. Our Constitution will prevail and I truly believe we can get back to a small and fair government like it was supposed to be!!

    1776 FOREVER!!!

    Fight the good fight Patriots, and remember who the REAL evil is here, Our bloated, greedy, tyrranical Government!!!

  • Rob S.

    Government computers require a Common Access Card to log on (ID card), each keystroke is logged and recorded by the central computer in Arlington, VA.

    Your average employee knows this and would not risk such behavior without authority from above.

    Submit a formal complaint to your local FBI office and the investigation should take less than half an hour. Using public property for private purposes is fraud under USC 18

    There is no excuse for a public servant to behave like this.

  • KeidranGirl

    I’m an Aussie, and I hope to go to NYU for uni, and I will be flying there. The TSA sucks ass, but even being sexually harassed at the airport terminal isn’t gonna stop me from going to the university of my dreams. Also I can AND WILL sue whoever does sexually harass me. Fuck them and their fucked up morals.

    • Pragmatist

      One thing’s for sure – NYU will do you NO favors.

      And if you expect to find a higher level of those morals you speak of at NYU than you will at DHS, guess again.

      The “University” circuit in the US is run by the same cabal, I assure you.

      Not tying to burst your balloon – just trying to save you much heartache and money.

      Best wishes…

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