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Jacob: “I know for a fact that the TSA does NOTHING to protect our skies”

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Jacob recently wrote in via our contact form with this gem of insightful analysis. When will more pilots and other insiders break the silence to share their critically needed knowledge on this issue?

To whom this may concern. I thought you might like to hear a little inside truth about what really goes on at airports. I am the CEO of Starlight Airways, and also a commercial pilot for many years. I know for a fact that the TSA does NOTHING to protect our skies.

For example, there is something called BBJ or Boeing Business Jets. What this is, is a fractional ownership program set up through Boeing, and other companies that enable people to rent a large aircraft, such as 767 737 757 etc, for personal travel. The cost of these planes range from 1500 to 9000 per flight hour, and will be waiting for you at any airport of your choosing.

At all international airports there is something called FBOs. These are places for private aircraft to land, and take off of without having to go through the hassle of the terminal. I used to fly, and still fly into these places on occasion, and I can tell you that you can walk straight from your car to the plane without going through even a simple metal detector. There is no TSA around, no pat downs, no full body scanners, NOTHING.

Now, what does this matter you may ask. Well 911 was a sad day for all of us, but despite what most people think, most of the damage was caused by the fuel in the tanks of those aircraft’s. Most of the deaths was due to this reason. Yes people died on the planes, but for the most part, it was due to the fuel. Now, the adv cost of a first class ticket is around 3000 dollars, and you have to be basically violated, and raped to board. Or you can go to any search engine, and type in BBJ aircraft for rent, and not have anything done to you, and get the SAME plane type that was used on 911.

The TSA is a smoke screen, if the terrorist really wanted to cause another 911 to happen, they would not attack the airlines, they would use this method most likely. It cost about the same, and they will never have to worry about being caught. I was taking a jump seat back home, and had to go through the TSA crap, and while I was telling another passenger this information, a TSA agent came up to me, and told me that I needed to keep my mouth shut. I was in my pilots uniform, and they threaten me, and told me that they would have my license pulled, if I let this information out. I told them to go to hell, and gave them the number to the FAA. Of course they never did anything, but the point is, they are worthless. They do nothing to protect us. It is like having a bunch of monkeys running the security. Please put this information out there, as I think it would do people good to know what is really going on. Thank you

  • http://rainbow-websites.com Lydia Shelley

    The concern I have with the information presented above is that TSA will assert itself to prevent us from flying unmolested. The government has the power to shut down any airport that refuses to comply. It is IMPERATIVE that TSA be disbanded and its reign of terror discontinued. The only terrorism in US airports IS the TSA.

  • Doug Roberts

    I think it’s safe to assume that after spending billions of dollars and after harassing millions of innocent people, the TSA has not prevented a single terrorist attack. If they had it would be shouted from the rooftops. Have you heard anything like that?

  • http://www.ontodayspage.blogspot..com Denis Drew

    James Fallows just said this in Atlantic Magazine — http://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2011/11/all-electronic-devices-must-now-be-powered-off-but-why/249184/ — (pushing the envelope of “fair use” here but I doubt he will mind):

    - 100% of the pilots making those landings and approaches have GPS receivers right there next to them in the cockpits, of the kind you would have to turn off if you had one in your lap in seat 38F;

    - Every one of the airline pilots I’ve ever asked has kept his or her cell phone turned on in the cockpit, again right next to the “sensitive” equipment. I always had a cell phone with me, turned on, during flights in small planes, and several times I’ve used it in flight. (Once, to contact a control tower when my radio had failed; another time, to get an IFR clearance when there were radio problems.)

    - Many of those pilots, depending on the type of airplane, are wearing noise-cancelling headsets through the whole flight, of the sort you are made to turn off as a passenger. All small-plane pilots are wearing those headsets through the whole flight.

    - More and more pilots have iPads turned on through the entire flight, including United pilots who are being switched en masse from paper to iPad navigational charts. I now use an iPad extensively when flying, because the program I use, Foreflight, is so much more adaptable and informative than the paper charts it replaced. It would make things riskier, rather than safer, if I had to turn it off at arbitrary times.

    - And, on all “non-airline big-aircraft” flights, like political charters or corporate jets, people leave their “devices” on the whole time, and it never causes a problem.

    - I won’t even make the fish-in-a-barrel point, which is: the very fact that the cell phone/ Blackberry “ban” is never enforced shows that no one takes it seriously.

  • http://www.facebook.com/robert.dennard Robert Dennard

    ok this jacob jackass says his airline is based in the USA, whereas the TSA DOT and FAA have never heard of “starlight airways” he is a fraud and is trying to make money off tragedies in the US trying to get people to donate to causes such as a the conneticut school shooting.

    • jim

      he has been posing as a John poindexter all week. this uy is a fucking idiot!!!

  • JWRBlack

    Jacob Schneider is a known aviation fraudster who claims to be the CEO of a non-existing airline called ‘Starlight Airways’. I would not believe anything he claims. In reality he is working for the USAF and based at Ramstein AFB in Germany.
    He currently is trying to scam money from people by claiming he runs a charity called ‘Jacobs Wings’ which is unknown to the IRS. He also has a fund raising site to ‘benefit’ the victims of the recent school shootings in Connecticut. He claims his airline will ‘match’ the donations. How can that be if the airline does not exists? This are the links:

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