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Jim in Cleveland: “I complain[ed] to the area supervisor about having my genitals fondled twice for one ‘inspection’”

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Dear TSA at Cleveland Airport: When a “male opt-out” trainee “accidentally looks away” as his supervisor is “searching the groin area” of ME… and directs the supervisor to “check the groin area again” please don’t act all surprised, like you did 20 minutes ago, when I complain to the area supervisor about having my genitals fondled twice for one “inspection”. As I will continue to say: I am not and never will be the person you are looking for. I am an American citizen, trying only to go to work, to my family, or to my home. ~ Jim Y.

It’s just another day in the cattle car business, I see. Sorry to hear about this indignity, Jim.

  • http://www.ontodayspage.blogspot..com Denis Drew

    Police supervisors may not line citizens up on a wall for rookies to practice frisking on. That is what is happening to you. The rookie TSO is supposed to watch to insure YOU are not violated (any more than standard violation — also to provide a witness to protect the TSA). If he looks away the supervisor may not use your body to practice the rookie observer how to “do it right this time.”

    Is anybody afraid to fly in from out of country — out where they do not put people through genital inspection (or radar strip women and children in front of old men)? That is the only place we might be afraid of underwear bombers. Obviously any red blooded manic would rather pack 2,000 pounds of explosive into an SUV than sneak a couple ounces in underwear that probably wont kill more than a couple of folks in the air — once they are on the ground here.

    Anyway, stop them one way they have plenty of other opportunities. The only reason we are not afraid overseas is because in this big wide world there are remarkably few Islamics trying to blow us up — fact — in Iraq mostly blowing each other up over religious differences. The two biggest western world massacres other than 9/11 have been crazy white people (think Timothy McViegh).

    Cannot throw away our personal privacy and the Constitution — our whole way of life — because somebody might kill somebody sometime. If we force 24 million drivers to take random breathalyzer tests at checkpoints — 800 million annual airline passenger X 3% groped instead of radar stripped when all machines are in place = 24 million — we could save 10,000 lives a year from drunk drivers. Why don’t we do that?

  • http://www.ontodayspage.blogspot..com Denis Drew

    My 89 year old mother was just patted down twice (!) at San Francisco airport. After she took a pat down because he pace maker sets off metal detectors, some random scent in her carry on was flagged by the sniffing machine — and she was escorted to a private room (not asked — maybe they did not want to look stupid in public, patting down the same old lady twice) and patted down again.

  • Jake

    TSA is a joke, and always wil be, period.

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