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Join the Resistance to TSA Scanners

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From Arm your Mind for Liberty

Opt out of the porno-scanners. Opt out. Just keeping saying you opt out and just keep opting out until they ditch the porno-scanners. You can make a difference. If the lines are so long and so many are submitting, it just takes a few more opt outs and the wait will become unbearable. Some of those 99% will be so pissed off they might actually start asking questions. They might realize how dangerous and invasive these procedures are. How unnecessary and over-the-top they are. Meanwhile, keep opting out. We’re in this together. If we don’t stop these monstrosities in the airport, they will be everywhere soon enough.

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  • Johnny Ka

    Stop the TSA Abuse!!!

  • swami


  • Patrick

    Abolish the TSA.

  • Young God

    A Modest Proposal for TSA

    Think of it this way, TSA is just a form of welfare for sociopaths/psychopaths who look down on poor people on food stamps while they “earn” their paycheck from the government.

    They can’t be absorbed into the workforce now that the bankers have defrauded the US, and the same with the soldiers fighting abroad in the Imperial wars of conquest and occupation; therefore, they are effectively just as much apart of the Welfare State as those hoards who are walmart at midnight waiting for the month’s check to be direct deposited! Only their trade-off involves the actual “hands-on” part of ‘POPULATION CONTROL’.

    I’ve refused to fly since 2002 strictly because of the TSA, and I don’t want the TSA anymore either; however, I also don’t want those thugs unemployed in my town wandering the streets! If the TSA were disbanded tomorrow, we’re gonna’ have an army of disgruntled assholes taking out their rage on random innocents,

    At least now they are confined to the airports and relatively speaking, there are few ‘required’ to use airline travel out of all the airline passengers. Most have a choice, but still cling to a bourgeois sense of entitlement to the ‘luxuries of station within the empire’; however, the system has been put on pay-for-play, wherein if you have the electronic digits, you can pay for express entry past security or you can just fly privately with no security whatsoever. There are still legions of baby-boomers in line at the airports who just now getting righteously indignant, whereas they’ve been willing to concede to all violations up to this point.

    These would be the same people who don’t quite understand the difference between ‘consumer’ and ‘citizen’, and often confuse ‘civil rights’ and ‘civil liberties’; not quite realizing yet that the US is under UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) rule and not Constitutional rule. But I digress.

    So my solution would be to combine the TSA with the SEC and turn them loose on the financial industry. They could still play ‘cops and bad guy’ and humiliate and arrest all the bankers and wall street ‘financial managers’, as well as the ratings agents and politicians in the regulatory agencies, and gather them all onto huge newly-built ships in the now dead Gulf of Mexico.

    And when all the corrupt from the financial industry are aboard, then the TSA goons become guards and crew for the ships.

    Of course the ships would be built ‘green’, without engines, being propelled the old-fashioned way with oars, with room enough for hundreds of banker-convicts to be chained in, and lorded over with whips and necessary implements.

    Then when the ships are completely filled and taken out to sea, they’ll all start to break apart and sink because although they will have been built ‘green’, they will still have been built using the Lowest Common Denominator value system!

    Hired to build the ships will have been all completely unqualified workers desperate, hungry, and homeless having been put into poverty by the same financial industry! For materials, only the finest ‘Control Fraud’ will be used, wherein we’ll be Told its perfectly good drywall, but it will have actually been Chinese Drywall exuding toxic fumes! OOPS! And lead, lead, lead! Lead will be in everything!

    Of course, not everyone will sink immediately, and those left over will be overtaken by the toxic fumes still emanating from the lingering oil and still daily flyovers of corexit. If there are till signs of “life” aboard any ships afloat, then I suppose someone could sink them out of pity, or bring them back ashore for swift and public hangings.

    Then we can finally get on with Real Life in the States.

    • Thugcrusher

      Nice reverie/fantasy. These tit-twisting Robothugs are still agents of state oppression in which they participate, whether they realize this or not. Most are probably too micro-brained to get to that level of self-realization, which is not gonna happen for another few re-incarnations. Whatever the Govt. says they should do, they do. They’re just doing what they’re told. If they’re told: Give ‘em 50,000 volts, no, on second thoughts, let’s up that to 100,000 volts. They’ll say: Sure. I have no responsibility. Just doing what I’m told.

      Meanwhile, as their subjects fry, the TSA Robothugs’ heart rate starts to rise, and a gentle pounding become palpable in their chests. Their excited eyes begin to narrow, a subtle grin becomes a full-on smile and saliva begins to drip from their twisted grimacing faces. That’s followed by a long hard belly-laugh.

      This is what you’re dealing with.

  • rmc

    I too am an airline employee. Yes, I believe in security. But this is going to far and it’s good to see pilots, airline employees and the travelling public oppose this.

    If we are soooooooooooooooo interested in security, then why the heck is the border with MEXICO wide open????? Doesn’t the government realize Al Queda could be sneaking across with the aid of the Coyotes and drug gangs?

    Instead, they are more interested in us Americans and having us go this overkill.

    PROTECT THE BORDERS you numbskull!!! Let Frequent fliers have a security clearance card, with very random searches.

    Oh, and by the way, I think it is ok to do PROFILING. Too bad.

    Instead, TSA is frisking grandma’s and little kids. Give me a break.

    Besides, airline pilots are exposed to solar radation on a daily basis and have a cancer rate above the norm. Our pilots have enough stress to deal with anyway on a daily basis in preparing for each flight. Their hands on on the yoke of the plane and many have a permit to carry, which I feel every airline should be requiring their pilots to be armed. Do you think Israeli pilots are armed? You bet they are.

    Secure our borders, arm our pilots and leave grandma and the kiddies alone. And if someone is a frequent flier, let them apply for a security clearance card.

    Let common sense reign.

    And as for me…I”M OPTING OUT. As long as the American Government refuses to protect our borders..than I’m opting out.

    • Thugcrusher

      -Protect the borders?? You mean you think the Govt. didn’t know about Mohammad Atta et al? Protecting the borders, letting in the Bin Laden family, and flying them out on Sept. 11th.
      You think the Govt. didn’t know about the underwear bomber. I wonder why it was a US Govt. agent that helped him onto the plane when he didn’t seem to have a passport?

      Or you mean like the Visas-for-Terrorists program? If you haven’t heard of that one, curiosity will surely compel you to look that one up.
      It’s a good job I don’t believe in conspiracy theories, otherwise I might get to think there was something strange about all this. I’m funny that way.

      You think places like Mexico might be the problem, huh? And profiling is ok, huh? Well, I just hope you’re not black or Latino.

    • Thugcrusher

      For you delectation, among other similar articles:

      A Sin Concealed – The Visas for Terrorists Program
      “The CIA forced me to allow terrorists into the US.”

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