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Tell the TSA: No More Patdowns for Kids! Sign the Petition

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Here at We Won’t Fly, we’re dads. And many of our readers, collaborators and commenters are parents, too. It is painful to watch kids being handled by strangers in ways they don’t like, ways that could groom them to later be exploited by sexual predators. That’s why we want all minors exempted from TSA patdowns. Period. End of story. No more of these aggressive patdowns for kids.

The TSA lied to us once, promising an unspecified “modified” patdown for kids. More fake promises won’t cut it, John. You, Janet and Barack need to put your heads together and make this unnecessary harassment of our kids stop now.

In order to make our voices heard, I am writing another press release. This time it will demand an end to patdowns for kids. As we did last November, I am asking for donations in order to fund national distribution of the release via PRNewswire. This is a proven tactic. I have used it multiple times to get results for important causes. But it costs $715. I’m putting in my time here so it’s only fair that, if (like me) you want your children to travel unmolested, you will chip in a few bucks to help me make this happen. None of this money goes into my pocket. My time and effort is donated for free to the cause. Please donate below. Thank you for your help and participation.

We Won’t Fly has extracted or helped extract concessions from the TSA before. Together, we can do it again.

  • Julianne Shirshac

    Let’s stick to the constitution! No pat-downs for any law abiding citizen!

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  • S Turner

    People with money fly private jets to avoid this intrusion. Another example of how the wealthy get special treatment. any one in the sky could interfere with a jet or crash into a structure.

    Americans have become so passive and accepting of any and all violations because they are being trained to be good citizens and and not complain. this is the way it is done in communist countries. Facebook teaches young people and stupid older people to readily and without question to give up your right to privacy. this is why corporations are so supportive of this dangerous and anti-democratic vehicle.

    Israel has an excellent and highly effective system where employees are trained to observe and ask pointed questions. A child with contraband would be uncomfortable and quickly expose the situation. Adults under questioning and observation have been exposed under the Israeli system. They have not had an issue in years. the US needs to study the Israeli system and learn.they do not use the strip search scanners or touch people and are very effective at weeding out potential threats,much better than our system.


      Why don’t you educate yourself SHEEPLE, yes let’s implement what Israel does, you have got to be the most uneducated person thus far. Most people know that there is nothing goog about Israel, and because I know you are not very smart OBVIOUSLY, my suggestion to you is STOP WATCHING LAME STREAM MEDIA and RESEARCH alternative methods, i.e. internet, about what is really going on in this world and WHO have created the most problems, wars, murders, thieving, and what a Zionist means and who is plotting with America to destroy this world, aside from the Freemasons/illuminati, both of which ARE the NWO, it is ISRAEL moron! I bet this one takes phamraceuticals, believes in the fraudulent medical field, believes lame stream media, eats gmo’s, uses fluoride, receives vaccines, beleives the clouds are real, and believes everything is just a conspiracy theory! WAKE UP PEOPLE, your rights are illegally being stripped away and people like S Turner fuel this by being so uneducated in life and the world!

  • http://none Momof2

    Your petition doesn’t show for me in either Firefox or Chrome browsers. The widget just goes blank after the page loads. Can you please put a link to the petition somewhere underneath?

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  • http://tsaoffenders.wordpress.com thomas nash

    Keep it up. This policy must be stopped immediately.

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  • Tavistock

    So many People are brainwahsed, but so many are simply uneducated, and have no idea that the TSA are in complete and utter violation when harrassing flyer’s, but more importantly, the morons who think they have to freeze when yelled to do so by a criminal or degenrerate tsa worker, WHO IS NOT A POLICE OFFICER yelling freeze, will ruin it for the rest of us who know better. There was a man talking about his first experience and when he didn’t literally freeze on the spot, a brainwashed, uneducated sheeple passenger then told him “you are suppose to freeze”, would have been told to shut his “DUMB, SHEEPLE” mouth before we have a real problem! Can you imagine these brainwashed morons, are going to not only surrender their dignity and self respect and reveal their idiocy, but tell me to be like them!?! Then we have people like we have here below, an individual by the name S Turner, who think s it would be best to follow Israel’s way!!!! S Turner, may I suggest you research the Israeli’s, who orchestrated 9/11 with government and other insiders, who are attempting to create a bogus war against innocnet people, but have murdered more people than th Germans and serial killers put together and are still at work…they are an evil, destructive and murderous people ran by an evil goverment…do some research and learn something S Turner and all the other sheeple who are so wrapped up in their meaninless petty lives and have NO CLUE about what is really going on inth world, to all of you…get your heads out of your asses and WAKE UP!!!

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