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In praise of Michael Roberts, body-scan rebel

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Patrick Smith writes:

Roberts is a pilot with ExpressJet Airlines, which does business as Continental Express. On Oct. 15 he was commuting from Memphis, where he lives, to his base in Houston. He was in full uniform and in possession of his FAA and company credentials.

At a TSA checkpoint at Memphis International Airport, Roberts was asked to remove his shoes in order to pass before one of the checkpoint’s Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT) body scanners. He chose not to receive the scan — in TSA parlance he “opted out.”

Crewmembers are usually offered the standard metal detector walk-through, but opting out of a body scan automatically subjects the traveler, be it passenger or pilot, to a hands-on frisking, which TSA refers to as “secondary screening.” As Roberts saw it, a pat-down would be just as unnecessary and intrusive as the scan, and so he refused this as well.

At which point he was told he would not be allowed to proceed.

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  • http://www.abeldanger.net Captain Field McConnell

    I am a 32 year airline captain and have filed 3 federal lawsuits over safety issues and aviation security. My research indicates that there is no need for full body scanners or excessive pat downs. I have informed Director of FBI Mueller, Federal Aviation Administration Director Randy Babbitt and Air Line Pilots Association President John Prater of illegal modifications to airliners including the ‘strangler’s suite’ of weapons and that these modifications caused the losses of Adam Air 574, Kenya Airways 507 and Air France 447. Until they ‘clean up the airlines’ I do not blame people for refusing invasive screening while FAA, FBI and ALPA sit on ‘precise and credible’ threat information for which they may be guilty of Misprision of Felony. See Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC)

    Captain Field McConnell

  • SIDA

    Airlines pilots are NOT the same as regular passengers. They have been screened & fingerprinted & have controlled access IDentification badges that allow them to gain access to what is called the SIDA, the airplanes on the ramp, the ramp secure areas. Uniform means little. Anyone can buy those. The ID however, implies a special clearance. It is property of the airline and the authorities. Why the unions don’t stop this nonsense, once and for all, shows how little power & courage they have, all cowering up to TSA. Anyone know what has happened to Roberts?

    • steelmagnolia

      He is on a site I do not remember. Sorry. Go to the site for “We will not fly” and his input story/site is on the right hand side.

  • steelmagnolia

    I have already told my national-living sibling I will not be flying anywhere anytime until this is TOTALLY resolved. Even if TSA convinces the Islamics (doubt that will even be required by TSA) to scan or invasive touching, I will be passing on my ire, as I have as a TEAPPatriot. IF Federal folks to the top HAD to be scanned, publicly displayed, touched, assaulted for SAFETY sake, I still would not do it. BUT, it should be a requirement in EVERY case. They are so audacious as to put this on us, including the ‘healthcare’ debacle, they should be required to participate in any and all laws to the citizen they vote for EVER.

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