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Question the TSA at your own Risk

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The TSA chose Meg McLain for special screening. They wanted her to go through the new porno-scanners. When she opted out, TSA (Transportation Security Administration of the Department of Homeland Security, US federal government) agents raised an enormous ruckus. When she asked some question about what they planned to do to her, they flipped out. TSA agents yelled at her, handcuffed her to a chair, ripped up her ticket, called in 12 local Miami cops and finally escorted her out of the airport. Listen to her story as she told it on radio show Free Talk Live last night. Things are truly getting scary.

For best results, listen to the audio on YouTube:



Update: Apologies. We are getting hammered with traffic from Reddit.

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  • Richard Popovich

    I have a pretty good hunch that Meg being chosen for a “random” scan and “pat-down” was a lot less “random” than the TSA claims. I am sure that the TSA wouldn’t have been nearly as interested in me; a 263#, 5’8″, 63 y/o fat man; as they would be a pretty, 5’5″, 110#, 25+/- y/o female. Then to treat he like a criminal because she wanted to secure her right to “opt-out” of the search, tear up a ticket, etc? It isn’t ridiculous, it is criminal. This is what happens when you give minor people, major authority.

    This is what happens

  • http://www.savvytravel.net Ryan Lile

    DISGUSTING! This innocent young woman was treated as a criminal by the SS (TSA) for no reason other than refusing to let perverts look at her naked body or submit to a sexual assault pat down.

    People, we are steaming toward Treblinka. Before you even consider stepping into a body scanner, read this first: http://www.savvytravel.net/2010/10/5-reasons-to-reject-tsas-strip-search-and-grope/

  • hgjhgj

    I fully understand people not wanting to go through the scans but why are you publicizing such a liar. The videos show her description is simply false.

    • robert

      you are sadly mistaken… which airport do you report to for your tsa job…

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  • lanier

    I keep trying to reconcile myself to a US govt that adamantly opposes Arizona’s laws requiring “people behaving suspiciously or in the act of committing a crime or suspected of doing so, show proof of citizenship.” But then turns around and subjects people whose are simply trying to get on a plane to “procedures” that are an affront to their civil liberties. I don’t get it.

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  • thx678

    What’s worse, the Gestapo or the TSA? Well, the Gestapo refused to hire perverts.

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  • bvwRedux

    I have been responding prolifically to the YOU TUBE thread. I want to repeat a recent reply I made there here. I also want to let Meg and you folks know that although our philosophies differ, mine being based in duty to my G-d, and yours being — so I suppose — in a secular libertarianism, nevertheless we are buddies and fellow stalwart citizens bound to the cause of LIBERTY! And that Meg is my hero! Stick with it Meg, and go visit your state’s newly elected US Senator Kelly Ayotte and ask her to champion this cause.


    Boxcutters did not result in the WTC falling, MULSIM JIHADIS did. And you know what? It NEVER worked again. The heroes of Flight 93 showed what FREE AMERICANS do to terrorists.


    The Shoe Bomber, 22 Dec 2001, was stopped by alert passengers and flight attendants.

    The Underwear Bomber, 25 Dec 2009, was stopped by passengers.


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  • Thomas

    Man, it’s too bad she lied so much, she just seems like an attention whore now, regardless of what actually happened.

  • NAC

    Israel is not above strip searches or humiliating people who belong to the wrong ethnicities or political opinions in its security detail. This “Israel does it better” meme must end immediately.

  • laddie

    One question, how could these scanners have detected the “crotch bomber”? Are powders dense enough to be detected this way?

  • Kim Bell

    Women, If you don’t want to go though the scanners and know you are going to be subjected to the “enhanced groping” by security officers…Then ths is what our family has decided we are going to do as far as the women….We are making full length to the hip corsets with full steel boning in them with multiple lines directly over the breasts and we will be wearing homemade extra extra thick, extra long femine pads (like three or four inches thick we figure we can take them off once we get on the plane) attached to very tight fitting underwear. We then will also be wearing over top of that full to knee extremely tight girdle again with steel boning directly over the butt crack an then finally a layer of extra large extremely baggy old fashiond victorian pantaloon….I want to see them really feel me up good trying to grope me or mine genitalia after trying to get through all those layers…If everyone other lady got smart and did the same I think it would not be long before they gave up on this rediculious invasion of our bodies..they want to invade our bodies then fight through my lady armor I will now to wearing to get to it…..Maybe steel chastity belts for your daughter will have to be the next step…Will be for mine if this does not work……..Anyone up for joining us? My husband is demending I make him a extra padded cod piece and something for is nether region along the same lines Any men going for that?

  • fightmedialies

    Anybody note how the media always supports the govt? How their “person in the street” interviews tilt strongly in favor of govt. actions that take away our freedoms, treat us like criminals?

    If you see reports you object to on TV, go to their website and go to Contact. Usually there is a “leave a message” option. They seem to pay attention to these messages.

  • Emmett

    Does one have to be Queer to work in the TSA?

  • http://www.mikewilson.cc/ Mike Wilson

    I’ve just found this site via a link via a tweet from a friend of mine.

    It’s rather disturbing that the TSA decided to release CCTV camera footage of this event, showing the distressed traveller and then choose to moderate comments for approval. Not a problem? The TSA thus far have approved only one comment and it contains the words, “Eff this stupid girl”.


    Not good, USA.

  • http://aintmymedia.com Jonathan Hodges

    Sick of the TSA? Check out this video:


  • http://www.tsa.gov/approach/tech/ait/index.shtm iLoveTSAandtheUSA

    Do any of you really think TSA is going to care if everyone requests a full body pat down instead of walking through the metal detector or body scanners?
    They get to go home once their shift is over, no matter how long the lines are.
    Less passengers flying means less work for them!
    TSA must be doing something right if no hijackings or attacks have occured on American soil since 9/11.
    I’d feel much safer if everyone was screened thoroughly. A terrorist can be anyone.

    • Richard Popovich

      Bulls–t: If you think that these “enhanced pat-downs” are going to do anything to prevent terrorism, you are full of that stuff they spread on the pasture at the farm! Here is just one scenario:

      A man or a woman has a weak bladder problem and they wear Depends, or some other type of bladder control underwear. It is no different than a kid in a diaper. They get the nude X-ray and something odd shows up on the scan. The passenger tells them what they are seeing are Depends, Of course the TSA Agent does not believe the passenger, so they are pulled aside and are given the pat down. Those Depends are not going to allow for the “feel-test,” in fact the TSA Agent is going to be more suspicious because of the bulk of the underwear. Now what will the TSA want? If the passenger wants to get on the aircraft, the only resolution is a strip search.

      Another scenario, are folks with hip and knee implants. These things I’ve mentioned are not detectable on these body scanners. Even though I carry a card from my surgeon, that proves I have bilateral knee replacements, the TSA won’t accept it. I will have to take off my clothes to prove I am not a terrorist.

      I do not believe that you fly very much. If you did then you wouldn’t say what you are saying to us. If I want to go to Ireland (which we will try to do in May) I have to be TSA’id in Reno, checked again in Chicago and one more time in Boston for the flight to Ireland. That means on a round trip, I will receive five enhanced pat-downs and most likely strip-searched five times because the system can’t see what the problem is. How many scans and pat-downs are enough on one trip?

      You need to acknowledge that 100% of all acts of airline terrorism have been perpetrated by Muslims. While all Muslims are not terrorists all of the terrorists have been Muslim. Because of this fact, PROFILING is still the best check against any terrorist incident! If you do not like profiling there has to be a reason and the most likely reason is that you are Muslim. You know as well as I that a Muslim man is not going to allow anyone to either take a nude scan, or the pat-down of his wife. She will not allow it either. Muslims have already gotten free-passes through the TSA checks because of the “religious” issues and because profiling is an invasion of their civil rights.

      This whole “enhanced pat-down” crap was ordered by the White House. It is just another communistic order that Obama has put into place, to make anyone that is not a criminal prove that they are not a criminal!

    • Blah
  • nox

    Is our government under the control of the military and/or intel?

    • AirborneVet

      NO! As a matter of fact the detainees at GTMO are not subjected to this detailed of a body search. The military and/or intel agencies have absolutely nothing to do with this.

      The TSA focuses to much on finding “dangerous objects” instead of dangerous people, which would be more productive.

      I think people would accept the scanners if they were the type featured in the movie Total Recall with Arnold. Those were more like traditional xrays.

  • belizean

    We’re the laughing stock of the whole world. Israel doesn’t do this. Not even China. China says it is against their traditions and way of life. Who needs communists when we have the TSA?

    • Minimou

      Then I won’t going to mainland China or to Hong Kong again… I f I choose to travel I want to get there safely. They will not get my tourism dollars.

  • FreedomIsn’tFree

    A local talk show host had an interesting suggestion, Turn it back toward the TSA agents, embarrass them as much as they are embarassing you, even to the point of making lewd comments……………….lewd LOUD comments as they conduct their enhanced pat down searches., get their names, the names of their supervisors and have someone film the entire ‘event’.
    Isn’t is interesting that this policy came fron the same gang who loudly cried FOUL when confessed terrorists were waterboarded or when Kahlid Shiekh Mohammed was put into a box with a bug in order to obtain information to keep Americans as safe as possible from another terrorist attack from MUSLIM TERRORISTS.
    And where ,you might ask is the A[rab] C[ivil] L[iberties] U[nion] on this? Well they’ve been busy………………………..they just filed a suit to prevent the US from killing a Muslim [sorry, the name escapes me at the moment] who is calling for the deaths of as many Americans as possible.

    Does anone out there know the way back through this looking glass? It just gets curiouser and curiouser every day!
    Signed, Alice

  • John Tobin

    A report from many sources, incl. the BBC, suggested that Abdullah Hassan Al Aseeri adopted the new tactic of “carrying explosives in his anal cavity” for an attack. I understand that body scanners don’t see inside body cavities. If so,
    and if the Gov’s argument is that security wasn’t tight enough before, hence the body scanners, then that’s still the case.
    So, everyone should be calling their congress person to demand, if anything, that the law be tightened even further to include mandatory anal searches.

    Is there any tipping point that Americans won’t tolerate? I’m beginning to doubt it.
    I mean if body scanners aren’t enough to get the people to revolt, maybe anal searches will…or not.

    • Richard Popovich

      I hate to do this, but Ms. Napolatono is so inspirational. A future TSA announcement for group search at the airport might end up like this:

      “Attention all passengers! All together now, on my signal, expose yourself, bend and touch your toes and say Aah. The KY Jelly and the latex glove will make the search relatively painless”

  • bill

    Solution is simple ! ” Simply stop flying ! “

    • Richard Popovich

      That is exactly what the elitists want us to do, stop being mobile. They also want us out of vehicles that have extended range capabilities and are pushing electric cars that have a range of 50 to 100 miles. This is all about people control. The progressive faction in our government would prefer that we live in government subsidized, Soviet style housing, where the population can be monitored.

      The people need to start putting the pieces together as far as this administration is concerned and start asking, “How much government is enough?”

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  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=trQp6V8dx7A sdf
  • RM Kowarko

    What is the policy for small children? Are they allowed to put them through this kind of screening and if not, then that would not be random or secure since many children in the world are used as suicide bombers…..Hmmmmmm

    • Richard Popovich

      I have read from some passengers that children under 12 are fair game for bith types of searches. My daughter is taking her 6 month old to Ireland in April. It will be interesting to find out if they check her diaper.

      The only people that use children as suicide bombers are Muslim, but the children don’t realize what is going to happen. I’d like to get into the progressive brain and find out just what make them tick.

      • layne

        Actually the Vietnamese used children in the Vietnam war. As have many, many other groups throughout history. How about you stop being a bigot and trolling ACLU forums with your ignorant useless opinions?

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  • Minimou

    So what do all of you propose to detect another underwear bomber if not these scans or pat downs??… Flying is not a right…I will choose to go through this in order to get somewhere instead of driving across the United States.

    • bvwRedux

      Flying is a right. A natural right of man. Just as is any form of travel.

      Moreover flying by commercial carrier using public airports and airlines flying public skyways (for that is what the air traffic controllers call the officially designated routes that commercial regularly scheduled traffic take) s an even more protected right. An old right well established in common law called “travel by common carrier.”

    • FreedomIsn’tFree

      The “Underwear Bomber” was escorted on to that plane by someone in a business suit and completely bypassed security.
      The only thing that prevented him from setting off his shorts was that he was so drugged he lacked the coordination to light the match or lighter.
      This wouldn’t have made one bit of difference.

      One of the Founders said something to the effect that “He who prefers security over freedom deserves neither” another said “A government big enough to GIVE you everything is powerful enough to TAKE everything”!

      Take care what you wish for!

  • jman

    i went thru the porno scanner last week with a 12″ polska kilbasa in my shorts. it got me my dream job. relax everyone.

  • Richard Popovich

    Minimou: Flying is a priveledge to fly if you are a private pilot, but it is a right when you purchase a service. The only time when there is any question about “rights” is when one person infringes on the rights of others. I used to drive for Greyhound and occasionally I had to call the police to have a passenger removed from the bus for fighting, abusing another passenger, or committing a crime. However I couldn’t refuse service to a ticket holder. When that person purchases a service, a contact is signed to provide the service.

    Police use profiling every day when they are on routine patrol. Drivers act in a certain way when they are intoxicated and can be pulled over under because resonable suspicion allows the traffic stop under the law. In the case of terrorism, there is an existing profile of the type of person that commit these acts. One hundred percent of terrorists since 9/11 have been Middle Eastern males, under 35 and Muslim. There has never been a Catholic Nun or Priest, a Christian W.A.S.P., a child of any age, a grandmother, or anyone of caucasian, black, or Asian decent that have perpetrated one of these crimes, it has oly been Muslim males from the Middle East that have either taken control of an aircraft to use as a weapon, or have attempted to destroy an aircraft and themselves.

    Think of this; “Who would you prefer to sit next to on an aircraft; a Middle Eastern Muslim male, or an unknown serial killer?” I would choose a serial killer because there has never been a serial killer that has killed themselves in the commission of their crimes. Since 1960 there have been 156 known serial killers and not one ever destroyed an aircraft with themselves on board. They want to kill for their amusement, or twisted logic, but they are not suicidal. Therefore I would be much safer sitting beside Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dammer, or John Wayne Gacey than someone who fits the profile of a terrorist bomber, or hyjacker.

    Still in their ultimate, twisted thinking, the Obama Administration is putting rules in place to check everyone except those who fit the profile of a terrorist. It makes no sense and “It is not logical Mr. Spock,” to give Muslims a pass because it may offend them, or because they fit the profile and profiling is said to be “racist.” The Isreali’s have no problems with terrorists ever boarding aircraft and they are sitting smack-dab in the middle of the terrorist center of the world. We should look at what they are doing and adopt their program, or just hire Isreali security services to run ours. It would work a lot better than what the Obama Administration is doing.

    • bvwRedux

      “We should … or just hire Israeli security services to run ours. ”


    • Minimou

      Don’t you remember the two WHITE BLOND AMERICAN WOMEN who were arrested this past year or in 2009 for being part of conspiracies to blow up planes?! Both were troubled American women who married Muslim men. One was arrested in Ireland with her child and was brought back here for trial. The other, if I remember correctly, was arrested here after the FBI was tipped to her radical website. It can be anyone who has the adopted the Islamist beliefs. It is an ideology that trancends borders and races.

      • Richard Popovich

        Again, the common denominator is the connection to Islam. Why can’t people understand this?

    • Minimou

      The day will come and not in the too distant future when these kinds of searches will be done to travel by bus or train…just wait until terrible things start happening on those forms of transportation or before entering a mall to shop. We will end up like Isreal which has armed guards everywhere. This is unless the Islamists can be stopped from spreading their evil interpretation of Islam around the world. Good Moslem people need to step up and be counted on to run the estremists out of their mosques and to preach a peaceful version of Islam. The crusades ended for us 1000 years ago…for these people they are continuing their form of a crusade to bring about a world wide caliphate if it takes them a 1000 years to do it….. It’s a scary world.

      • Dydan Waters

        As long as we have a “volunteer” military, we will not have the manpower to have armed guards everywhere like the Israeli do.

        Make no mistake, it is all about control. As the middle class shrinks and expresses more dissatisfaction about living in a Plutocracy, our mobility (and our civil rights) will be more and more curtailed under the guise of it being for the “greater good”. Unfortunately, what the greater good really means is keeping our Overlords in power.

        If the middle class actually organized themselves and stood up for themselves (like the French) maybe things would be better. We should not be afraid of the government. The government should be afraid of us.

        • bvwRedux

          @Dydan Waters — “Middle class” is a fiction. There’s just Americans, we do NOT have “classes” here. People move up and down the income and wealth ladder all the time. Someone in a motel room in year one can be in multi-million dollar beach house a few years later, that’s a rare case, but it happens. It is certainly happening today in the reverse direction. I know since I live in a wealthy community, I being of the poorest of households therein — we live within our means. Others really played into the easy loaned money boom and bought many mega buck properties. They ARE losing their homes and moving the family into a small apartment — these people I know directly, and in one (rumored) case, an internet mega-millionaire is now living with wife and kids in an RV. These all were folks who traveled to Aspen, to Europe, to South America regularly for vacations. The so-called “upper class” in the stupid Marxist formulation of things. Now they are on food stamps.

          No, sir, this is America. Folks are folks, we move up and down the ladder all the time. There are no “classes”.

        • Richard Popovich

          Do things like the French? The Islamic problem in France is one of the biggest problems in Europe. They are being buried by proponents of sharia law. The French allowed Muslims so much latitude that they are now paying a heavy price.

        • FireGuy


          You are unfortunately mistaken. Israeli “security” guards at public facilities are not soldiers. There was a very brief time back about 13 years ago when they put soldiers on bus routes after a spate of bombings, but it was short-lived.

          The security guards are contracted, typically at close to minimum wage. The training is minimal, and their certainly not typically the brightest ones on the bunch.

          The airports have something different, but all of the malls and other public places there are just clueless rent-a-cops who wave a wand over you without looking twice. The PR surrounding it, however, has been good as its led many people around the world like yourself to believe that it’s so great.

  • http://www.all-travel-sites.com Adam

    Wow, that is some story..makes me glad I am an ugly bald guy. Well maybe not ugly but not a hot young lady at any rate.

    The lack observing personal rights reminds me of the Nazis.

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  • John Tobin

    Ugly or bald isn’t going to protect you from the enhanced gropers. Just report them if they seem to salivate excessively.

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  • Richard Popovich

    FOX News had the former security chief of El Al Airlines on the news this morning. Basically the Isrealis think we are crazy in thinking that these scanners and pat-downs are going to work. The El Al chief said that all passengers are interviewed prior to their and that there are no late flights on El Al. The interview takes about three munites. El Al has not had a hyjacking or terrorist incident in thirty years. Like I said before, “the Isreali’s have no problems with terrorists ever boarding aircraft and they are sitting smack-dab in the middle of the terrorist center of the world.” But the TSA tells us that, “The scans and pat-downs are here to stay.” Are the powers that be idiots, or do they have a much larger agenda? Personally I believe it is the latter of the two. The agenda is about control and promoting bigger and bigger government.

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  • wjdvd

    This opt out day is good American work. When our forefathers drafted the Constitution it was for the expressed purpose of protecting the people of the Republic from the government. It was designed to limit the power of the government because it was the experience of these learned men that without these protections a government will eventually turn on the people that supported it. This is a fact that has repeated itself through out the course of history. We have as a nation failed to protect these freedoms. Little by little our government has slowly been extinguishing the light of freedom, freedom that allowed this country to achieve greatness. The actions of the TSA are just some of the latest in an evolving agenda of control our misguided “elected,” officials are exerting on society, a society that is so far removed from understanding the foundation that men like Adams, Franklin, Madison, and others so carefully laid out for us. I read that 81% of the people think that the techniques employed by the TSA are acceptable, that it makes us more secure. This does not surprise me as I would bet that an even larger percentage are ignorant of what the fourth amendment is, and worse yet how this actually makes us less secure as a nation. Yes, this opt out day is born of a spirit that made Americans throw out a government that smothered us with oppression, and military force. I only hope that we can open our eyes to this fallacious policy, and then find the courage and perseverance to keep up this good American fight. It will be a struggle, but in my humble opinion, well worth it. I think Jefferson would agree.

    • FreedomIsn’tFree

      wjdvd……….you are absolutely correct. there are times when civil disovedience id not only necessary but called for. As long as we give in as meekly as a flock of sheep, we shall be treated as such. Those who are placing these oppressive regulations upon us will continue to do so until we decide we have had enough and stand up and tell them “ENOUGH”!
      This is all up to us, people, we can stand up and be Americans or we can bow down and be subjects of these satyres who will use us for their ammusement then dispose of us to move on to the next bit of entertainment.
      We are stronger then they are and they know it……………they aren’t sure that WE know it!
      I also believe that if and when ‘push comes to shove’ that our military will choose the right side.

  • ScottK

    I love the way you recite everything she says as fact, verbatim, no questions asked. And, of course, the TSA videos have proven that just about everything she said was at best grossly exaggerated, and at worst some combination of bold-faced lying and sever delusional hysteria. May I suggest you update your post with a retraction, something like the following: “We appologize for blindly accepting this cute girl’s story as fact based on nothing but her uncorroberated (and highly inconsistent) ramblings. But damn, she’s so cute, and she said all the right things to tickle our ears and our paranoia – how could we resist?” Just a thought…

  • D.S. Lewis

    We should ask our freedom-loving brothers and sisters who are employed by the T&A to stand with us on National Opt-Out Day . They can add their weight to the rebellion by having a “Blue Flu” day. To simply defy orders to demean their fellow Americans and lose a well paying job in the process may be asking too much of some, but everyone is entitled to a sick day. C,mon TSA people, we know you gotta hate it too. Stand with us! Join the national rebellion and together we can make 11/24 as memorable as 9/11 when all Americans roared back in one voice to the terrorists: “No, you have not won. We refuse to live as a beaten and cowtowed people”. Do it.


  • Sky

    We are driving this holiday season. No need to be the subject of this controversay

  • Pictsidhe

    What really stuck out from watching the video, was that almost everyone who went through the scanner was also patted down, some very cursorarily, some very thoroughly, weren’t the scanners supposed to be an alternative to pat-downs and what is the point of a token pat down anyway?