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Young Woman Molested by TSA Shares Her Story

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Here’s the story of a lady who flew out of the Orange county airport last week. She wasn’t offered the option of a metal detector. She opted out (kudos!) and was groped. Ugh. I can’t imagine how bad that sucked. While those of us who continue the commercial airline boycott remain staunch in our defense […]

Journalists: Ask Obama and Pistole if they Let their Kids be Groped.

This post is for the journalists in the audience: Please ask Barack Obama, Janet Napolitano, John Pistole and all other federal politicians if their families are groped by the TSA. Please continue asking this question at EVERY press conference.

No Pat-downs for Kids, PERIOD. Sorry Jason Chaffetz.

Jason Chaffetz is a member of congress from Utah. His solution to the TSA patting down little kids? Make sure a parent is present and consents. Thumbs down. Jason, your bill is useless. We need to stop pat-downs of kids. STOP. Not slow them down by getting consent first. What kind of ridiculous fake consent […]

Jenny: “She seemed to get a perverse sense of pleasure in touching my breasts.”

Barack, Janet and John: Your ridiculous solution is worse than the problem you’re trying to solve. Just cut it out already.

YouTube – TSA Pat-Down of a 3 Year Old

Sick yet?

“Touched by the TSA”

YouTube - Touched by the TSA - Political Subversities LIVE @ The PIT

I was touched … by the TSA.

TSA Supervisor: “You don’t have Boobs”

Woman suing TSA over what she calls invasive search | KOB.com

Adrienne Durso of Carlsbad, California is suing the TSA over her pat down.

Uproar over Pat Downs Spreads to Canada

Complaint filed after teen_s pat down | Toronto & GTA | News | Toronto Sun

Christine McCann feels she allowed her shy 15-year-old daughter to be violated when she was forced to publicly have a full body pat-down at a Sudbury, Ont., airport.