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Introducing TSAComment.com. The TSA Won’t Take our Comments, So We’ll do it for them.

I Want the TSA to Take my Comment

Summary: The TSA illegally and in violation of court order refuses to hold a mandatory public comment period on their use of airport body scanners. We’ll take our own comments and deliver them once we reach 10,000 (or December 1st, 2012). Participate now! Comment and share the website TSAComment.com. Here is a press release. When […]

Louisville TSA Agents Ridicule Deaf People

This young man claims the TSA ridiculed him for being deaf.

A deaf young man is reporting that TSA agents in Louisville ridiculed him and his friends for being deaf. You won’t be surprised that it’s the kind of fascist goon behavior we’ve come to expect from the TSA. Is it the official policy of the TSA to berate people, steal their stuff, troll on blogs […]

TSA Misses Gun and Rounds – Twice

TSA gun

According to The China Post, the TSA missed a .22 calibre pistol, magazine and 7 rounds on two occasions – at Charlotte’s international airport and JFK in New York. A family apparently traveled from Charlotte, through JFK and Osaka airports, to Taiwan, all with the gun in their luggage, all without it being detected. It […]

Elizabeth: “I was the victim of government sanctioned sexual assault”

I can’t imagine how Elizabeth feels. But I do know how John Pistole, Janet Napolitano, Barack Obama and 535 members of congress should feel: they should feel utter shame and contempt for their own inability or unwillingness to stop this unspeakable violation. It’s not a good time to be out of a job? Maybe. But […]

Dulles TSA Gives Videographer Silent Treatment

This video is almost a year old now, but I don’t remember seeing it before. How incredibly pathetic of these TSA employees to refuse such a simple and reasonable request. Here is a full article describing the events. Not only did these TSA employees acted like little children but they also violated their own rules […]

Send this TSA eCard to your Friends


Anybody have John Pistole’s email address? Send the ecard here.

TSA Broke the Law, Must Take Public Comment on Body Scanners

Kudos to EPIC on their hard work here. The TSA should roll back all scanning and groping until such time as we have a chance to scream their heads off about this in a public comment period. Oh, I can’t wait to see this. Let’s do something special when they finally open up the public […]

TSA Threatens Videographer in Baltimore

Like any other police agency in the United States, the TSA uses intimidation to cow people into not holding them accountable. The TSA is effectively beyond the law – until fine people like these folks (and yourself) stand up and say no.

Marc: “Is there anything I can do to try to protect my kids?”

Anyone have any advice for Marc, and for the many others in his same situation? TIA.

Ron Paul Proposes We Won’t Fly’s Solution in Congress

Ron Paul, in short, proposes in Congress what we at We Won’t Fly have been saying since the beginning: abolish the TSA and let the airlines handle security. They are the ones who operate the flights. They employ the staff. It’s their job. But it’s also the job of the passengers and the airports. I […]