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These Survey Results will Drive our Aggressive 6-Month Plan

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It's your world, change it We Won’t Fly has been in a holding pattern for long enough. It’s time to let the government know once again that we will not tolerate violations of our dignity and our rights. We’ve got an aggressive 6-month plan for catapulting the TSA back into the spotlight again.

We need your feedback, participation and financial support in order carry out our plan.

But, first, let’s take a look at the results of our survey.

500 People Answered our Survey

More than 500 of you answered our survey over the weekend. Thank you! Here are some of the results:

1. What is the goal of your TSA resistance?

“Protect your 4th amendment right to protection against unreasonable search and seizure” is the number one answer with 71%. “Abolish the TSA” comes in second with 69% and “Enable airlines, airports and travelers to figure out our own solutions” is third with 37%.

2. What tactics should we focus on most while working towards our TSA resistance goals?

“Viral media such as videos and images that support our resistance” wins with 59%. “Using alternative transportation where possible” is second at 54%. “Another national Opt Out / No Fly / We Won’t Fly Day is third at 48%.

3. Have you liked our Facebook page?

59% say yes. Many of those who answered no are boycotting Facebook due to privacy concerns.

4. Are you willing to donate funds to support an aggressive campaign over the next 6 months in pursuit of the goal of abolishing the TSA?

69% of those responding are unwilling or unable to provide financial support but of those willing to donate it looks like we will be able to raise enough money to fund our campaign.

Some Interesting Comments

We received a lot of comments from folks. Here are some of the interesting ones.

expand the issues, this is more then just groping

Don’t have opt out of flying days; the media made the last one out to be a total failure and you don’t need to play into their spreading of lies.

consider changing the name, not flying means the TSA terrorists win imo

More education required. People don’t realize how ineffective the TSA is, even as they shred constitutional protections.

The TSA is only going to change when congress gets involved, please spend more time helping people contact their representatives and airline representatives.

It is not going away unless something drastic happens. The airlines are flying full, people just don’t care

I personally think the most important thing right now is to convince everyone to OPT OUT, EVERY TIME. As a TSO told my wife the last time we had to fly, if EVERYONE opted out, check points as we know them (scanners and patdowns) would go away, because they wouldn’t be able to handle everyone.

Is there any way we can go about this scientifically? I assume the TSA won’t disclose statistics that would help with this, but is there any way we could point to the numbers and say “Look, this airport used offensive, hazardous scanners, and were less effective than this airport, which used dogs, intelligence, and metal detectors.”

Start targeting politicians and holding hold their feet to the fire, and by that I mean get them to give clear-cut answers on how they feel about the TSA. Those that say they don’t like it ask them what they are doing to get rid of it, and keep on them about it. Those that support it, make it clear you will let the voting public know they are against the 4th Amendment.

Here are the full results: We Won’t Fly Survey Summary 10th July 2012 [300KB PDF file]

What do you think about the survey results? Let us know in the comments below.

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