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TSA photocopies a mans credit cards and other personal documents

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P.S. This is not the first time this has happened.

  • Cindi Knox

    Copyright 2008?

  • http://www.project-insomnia.com/ Andrew

    You hurt your own cause with belligerence against the TSA agents and the soundtrack of this video. I’m dead-set against TSA violating my civil liberties but this doesn’t help.

  • http://Facebook Sonja

    I have not given you permission to film me? Ha ha ha

  • old woman

    The SA brownshirts, now blue, are alive and well.

  • eM

    I… didnt see anyone photocopying anything…
    maybe I missed it?

  • paper

    She won’t let you film her without her “permission,” but you get to be frisked. Okay.

    • El

      That’s right! TSA workers get to ram their hands up your crotch and touch you in various inappropriate ways… just make sure you don’t film it! That would totally offend TSA’s delicate sensibilities. Sick, profligate, unscrupulous sensibilities. I mean, do ANY of those people have a conscience? Are TSA workers THAT desperate for money that they’ll put their hands into people’s body cavities without giving it a second thought? Oh, but they’re just doing as they’re told. :rolls eyes:

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  • Jonathan

    Entertaining music and fancy graphics. Interesting that they say it’s normal to check credit cards, etc. Video doesn’t show them copying or stating that they do that. This is a new criminal invasion of privacy against the American public. Another reason not to fly. I wouldn’t want all the documents in my wallet scanned and kept on government record for even the lowest scumbag they hire to pore over and steal my identity and laugh at some love note or the car I drive, etc. When will we see the video from the first, second, etc. guy who catches them hauling him to a death camp? Will it be a few decades from now when an international Chinese moral tribunal digs it up in a mass grave and presents it at the Hague?

  • http://www.ontodayspage.blogspot..com Denis Drew

    If they copied all your personal paperwork for any reason like you were critical of the TSA that is called “chilling” “First Amendment protected freedom of speech. Conspiracy to do so is I believe (not a lawyer) a violation of the 1964 Federal Civil Rights Act: infringing speech while acting under color of law: a felony.

    One of the first US Supreme Court rulings in 1806 or something like that was that government could not collect the names of people in political organizations.

  • Krista

    I encourage everyone who is as upset about the TSA’s ridiculous new procedures as I am to write to their elected officials. It takes about 2 minutes, and you can do it online. They really need to hear from us if we are going to get the “enhanced” screening procedures reversed. Individuals certainly have a reasonable expectation of privacy under their clothes! Thank you.

  • http://GeorgeDonnelly.com George Donnelly
  • kerri

    Ummm… this is just so wrong. I deal with credit/debit card fraud on a daily basis, so i’m not the most trusting person to begin with. If this is what is next on the agenda for the flying public (which will not include me anytime in the near future), it’s just a matter of time before one of the TSA goons gets ahold of that info and decides that they are in the market for a new tv… on someone else’s dime. I really hope he (and anyone else this has happened to) calls and cancels the card number(s). TSA compromise anyone?

  • concerned citizen

    I am so grateful to WeWon’tFly for bringing this out. It’s so important that this comes to light. Ditto with the Philadelphia newspaper. In a way, these horrible TSA crimes are serving us (hopefully) in the long run, by helping to wake the people up. Then the cause may topple, if people take action. See below for action ideas.

    I am sorry to say that the ACLU reported many such privacy invasions at the borders/airport checkpoints for years before this TSA frisking/scanning began. ACLU Website reports abound regarding….confiscated laptops and cellphones (with texts surely poured over, in absence of probable cause or warrant), querying people for their religious practices and places of worship, being questioned who they believe “did” 911, etc. One man in his 20s was not allowed to fly and was jailed because he carried an Islamic language book, he is an American studying Arabic history (which has a rich heritage, including but not limited to Muslim). Unfortunately Muslims and Middle Easterners are singled out, many are afraid to fly and have been ever since 911, long prior to these TSA violations began. This is just plain wrong, every bit as wrong as Jews being targeted in Nazi Germany.

    Anyone who believes (as posted above) that this is “new” should look at the ACLU’s website. And anyone who believes that the government by law cannot crack down on religious groups, had better look at the Patriot Act and those spied on by the FBI in the war OF terror. Such groups include the Quaker peace movement (American Friends Service Committee), Greenpeace, Code Pink, the ACLU, The National Lawyers Guild, Food Not Bombs, People for the Ethical Treatment of ANimals…all spied on by the FBI and most of them officially dubbed “terrorist” entities.

    A) We have got to overturn the Patriot Act if we want any of this stopped.
    B) And we have to plug for State nullification of the TSA violations within each STate’s own borders.

    C) Please write letters to the editor and to college newsletter editors. College students talk to their parents, thus waking up the slumbering giant.

    Thank you for your help. It’s urgent.
    “Sometimes the greatest evils are committed by the silence of good people” Edmund Burke

    “Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants, it is the creed of slaves” Paul Revere JR House of Commons

  • http://www.meetup.com/National-Boycott-of-Airline-Travel-2011/ Estelle Edwards

    Don’t forget, everyone…….Martin Luther King Jr. Day is only a little over two weeks away. Spread the word about this Meetup group and the boycott effort. Visit the link below:


  • popemary32

    I appeal to all Americans to email your congressmen and senators telling them to stop these ridiculous security measures. Exposing us to radiation and gropings that God knows what kind of trauma that is going to leave on most people. Have you seen the people being groped!!!! Seriously old people and kids mainly. Is grandma and grandpa terrorist. Is your preschooler making bombs at the daycare. What is going on in this country. We wont let Canadians become citizens, yet we have no problem letting people from the middle east becoming citizens. Apparently our government missed the memo on who is likely to be terrorist. Oh wait thats profiling they cant do that, unconstitutional. Yet they can force me to either go through a radiation machine or have some stranger touching me in spots only my doctor and husband have touched. If we don’t stop this now what is next. Your boss having the right to grope you on your way into work. STAND UP PEOPLE BE HEARD!!!!! The terrorist is now our own government

  • concerned citizen

    Dear friends
    I want to correct a previous error. I posted that the airlines struck down CAPPS II: Apparently I was wrong. In fact, that could be a large part of the current problem.

    According to the ACLU, CAPPS II is an airline traveller’s profiling system which declares a person to be either a green, orange or red alert. The information is shared with governments nationally and internationally, says the ACLU. John Doe could be Johnny Doe and identity mistakes are common; in fact as many as 4 million people may be affected, and the TSA has confessed to as much as a 4% error (out of 304 million Americans). The TSA also has exempted itself from disclosing the sources of information, says the ACLU, and operates without oversight.

    The criteria for being on the no-fly blacklist is, according to the ACLU a) undefined and kept secret b) seems to have no rhyme or reason c) personal records such as credit card and financial transaction history are fair game d) there is no due process of law involved.

    That this “Terrorist” base includes financial transactions is pertinent to this case, and many others like it.

    To validate We Won’t Fly’s assertion of “security theater”, the ACLU says that it would be “easy” for real terrorists to slip through the loopholes of this system, by simply using a fake passport and/or fake driver’s license. They say it is “easy” to purchase someone’s name, address and other information for $50 online, and fraudulently use it as one’s own. This is something we all can write about some more here and on other blogs. Please spread the information widely!

    Read more here: http://www.aclu.org/technology-and-liberty/seven-problems-capps-ii

  • http://www.meetup.com/National-Boycott-of-Airline-Travel-2011/ Estelle Edwards

    A lot of you should be hitting the new Congress with letter-writing campaigns. For the past three decades, everyone has been ignoring the big issue facing “America: the unbridled expansion of police powers in every agency from the Humane Society to social services and now Homeland Security. Laziness has cost us this Republic. Hard work is going to get it back before it’s too late. Another thing: a lot of you should be forming delegations to go to Washington D.C. and talk to either the Speaker of the House, or someone like Michelle Bachman. Better yet, Dr. Ron Paul or his son Rand Paul would be good choices. Leaving this matter to internet debate is simply not enough. So, join the boycott of air travel. We have to pressure the airlines to do away with the TSA . We know how corporations have a big influence on the government. If people refused to fly for pleasure, no matter how great the deals or packages are, the arilines will get the message. They make the bulk of their profits from leisure travel, not business travel.

    Think about it. And visit my Facebook page and the Facebook page for the National Boycott of Airlilne Travel 2011.

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