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TSA Videos VINDICATE Meg McLain!

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The TSA has released their surveillance videos of their attack on peaceful traveler Meg McLain. Oops, the videos vindicate her. See for yourself. You might need a magnifying glass though. Where are the timestamps? Why don’t they show the whole thing? Lame, TSA. Let’s the whole video. Here’s an image of Meg in cuffs. See the last few seconds of the video that clearly show her in cuffs.

  • C

    This woman is such a liar!!!! I don’t know how you can believe this CRAP that is coming out of her mouth and out of the other radio show hosts…..you don’t want to fly then DON”T!!!!!!!!! It is optional!!!! There was no one shouting at her, there was no one touching her, WHAT THE HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://gmu.edu Kevin

    The videos do not vindicate her.

    However I do not see how this body scanner’s benefits outweigh the costs when we every passenger goes through a metal detector, you have to take off your shoes and put all your belongings into an x-ray scanner it is just absurd.

    There is also no reason, there has not been a real terrorist threat since 9/11

  • Anonymous

    To all the people out there let me ease your minds and dispell rumors you may think are true and give you an honest out look from an Ex- US soldier, and Law Enforcement Officer about TSA.
    -TSA doesnt carry handcuffs. Only LE carry them and are allowed to use them. If she was cuffed (and she wasnt) it would have been by the Police or Port Authority and probably for a good reason.
    -TSA officers are only allowed to pat down or touch people of the SAME SEX which means that the likely hood of being fondled or groped would be slim and mostly based on your imagination. You recieve the same treatment visiting any correctional facility. This rule exists throughout the field of LAw enforcement except in extenuating circumstances that dont apply to TSA. Opposite sex patdowns will NEVER happen.
    -Twisting her nipple? This would be an immediate violation of law for any patdown whether it was performed by TSA or by a Police officer. She would be an idiot for not asking for a Police officer or TSA rep immediately so i dismiss this as false.
    -Contrary to popular belief, TSA officers come from a wide range of backgrounds and are not by any reach “all idiots and minimum wage imbasils” The average TSA officer as shown on USAjobs.gov starts around $29k-$32k/yr which puts them in the same range as a Entry level LE officer in my city. A good portion of these officers have prior Military, Law Enforcement, and Private sector experience that we would consider more than enough to qualify them for employment with TSA
    -People complain about TSA yet they never consider the threats they address with each update to their security measures. The Body Scanner everyone hates was almost a direct response as I can gauge to the Christmas 2009 attempted bombing of an American flight over Michigan. But did anyone think of that? The taking off the shoes was a direct response to the Richard Reid attempted shoe bombing. Hmm is this starting to make sense? Grow up people and realize that not that long ago Yemenese officials intercepted a package containing a few IEDs headed to the United States via UPS. Wow America wake up and realize that They are trying to protect you.
    Yea sometimes you encounter a rude or unruly TSA officer. It happens. But would your opinion be the same if you had that same encounter with a Police officer in your city? Probably not. And both Agencies in some cases have the same requirements for hiring. Stop being babies about TSA. I spent 4 years in the Army as Military Poilce and ive seen other countries security taken over by the Army and their security is much worst than anything you could imagine. People like this Meg need to realize that TSA has rule and guidelines that keep terrorists off your aircraft so either stand in line or dont fly. SIMPLE. They are not hateful, shameless, idiots, thieves, and the perverts you people here accuse them of being. Give credit where it is due. 9 years since 9-11, 8 years since TSA, and we are attack free. Do the math and learn to realize that freedom ISNT free. It will take sacrifice but the greater good is whats in mind. Think about this.

  • John

    Those who are willing to give up freedom for security deserve neither – Benjamin Franklin

  • ROFLCatDown

    Let’s see, the still image you claim is a handcuff looks an awful lot like what is either a bracelet or a hair scrunchy that she’s wearing on her arm the whole time.

  • Leah

    People…TSA agents don’t carry handcuffs….not even the plastic ones…if anyone cuffed her…it would have been the police officers…

  • Anonymous

    Watching the start of the first video, she looked to have the same thing around her wrist – looks like a watch – and walked with her hands in the same position. She obviously WASN’T handcuffed at the start of the first video. Second video looked like the same watch and the same nervous habit of walking with her hands raised in front of her. I think she was nervously messing with the paper towel they gave her.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a supporter of the TSA…but I see no handcuffs in this video. Whether it might have happened off camera or not, I have no idea.

  • steve

    What a Lying C***, I watched the video, none of this stuff happene, watch the video, TSA shows the whole video, how can I get 15 min of fame, lets try lying….

  • Robin

    Not saying they are or aren’t, but when I’ve seen people handcuffed, they invariably handcuffed the hands behind the back.

    She certainly seems to be holding her arms oddly though.

  • GDW

    Jesus christ, are people STILL going on about the “cuffs?”

    First off, she NEVER said TSA agents hand cuffed her. She claimed she was cuffed AFTER the cops showed up. It would be reasonable to assume that measn COPS cuffed her.

    Secondly, she has said herself that she was NOT cuffed during the second video, so can we PLEASE stop debating over her bracelets?

  • ScottK

    Clever editing – but it certainly looks at about 10:36 that her hands are too far apart to have been handcuffed. And even if they were… just about everything else she said was a lie. If she’s this big a liar (or this delusional) they probably had good reason to be concerned about her by that point. Either way, she wasn’t handcuffed to the chair. Other lies: Nobody appeared to be screaming; nobody was hysterical or agitated in any way but her. She says she was singled out and that nobody went through the full body scanner for the 15 minuts – no 30 minutes – no full hour she was seated in front of the scanner; one man went through before her, and in the 10 minutes she was actually seated in front of the scanner, about a dozen people went through. She initially claims she’s experienced these horribly painful breast-twisting patdowns, then later admits she has just read articles and seen videos (probably as made up as her story). Personally, I think her body language when she supposedly starts crying makes it look like she’s faking it, but I’m no Cal Lightman, so… Regardless, it’s obvious she’s making this story up as she goes along and failed miserably to keep it consistent or coherant.

    • GDW

      What editing?

      “She initially claims she’s experienced these horribly painful breast-twisting patdowns, then later admits she has just read articles and seen videos (probably as made up as her story).”

      She NEVER claimed it happened in this encounter. Listen to the first interview she gave right after this happened. She states that it was a PREVIOUS encounter with TSA that she refers to with regards to her breasts.

  • Dale

    Vindicate? Uh, not really. The video pretty much destroys her delusional ranting.

  • http://www.elvisinmybasement.com Kmuzu

    The really funny thing .. is that the TSA Youtube site will only post comments they feel are positive to their cause.

  • http://www.elvisinmybasement.com Kmuzu

    I think the point is – is the TSA specifically picking attractive women for the special full body scan .. that is supposed to be random.

    • Renna

      I think it’s just random attractive women who are picked for the porno scan.

  • MAB

    THIS IS BULLSHIT! There are no cuffs! There was no woman pulling her arm to be seated! What a lie!!!!!

  • JoeTSA

    Blood on ma hands!
    Grin on myface!
    Pulling your schlong all over the place!

    WE WILL!
    WE WILL!

  • Shelly

    If she was handcuffed the the Fcuk she wiped her face with the tissue! Dumb Fcuks!!!

  • WhateverDude

    Interview her again, while she is watching the videos and have her explain WHEN the cuffs were on and WHEN they ripped up her ticket.

  • This isn’t everything.

    When you are detained at an airport, you spend several hours there, not 30 minutes. This footage isn’t complete, and the camera angles are bad. TSA needs to start covering the “secondary screening” area with better cameras. Also… If the police were involved, handcuffs are very possible. As far as an imperfect account of what happened to her- if you’ve ever been through something traumatic, your memory isn’t perfect.

  • JoeTSA

    You screw with any TSA agent, you may just disappear.

    You commie, islamofascist scum better get used to it.

    Or give up flight, taking buses or trains. Yeah, the last two are next. Grab your ankles and beg convincingly for a savaging fisting and maybe you can got on the bus.

  • T.Lee

    Everybody wants to come out and blast the TSA for doing the job they are paid to do. I saw nothing that was remotely questionable except maybe one tsa agent giving this lying Wh*^+ a tissue. Also, it seems that she was the only one that had an issue with the sreening. I’ve spent three years in the Marine Corps and I am sorry to say that this Great Country of ours is getting soft. Stop all the crying about what you have to do and just do it. Freedom isnt free and I’d be damned if I or any of my fellow servicemen and women fought and died because you dont want to be patted or get scanned…. A bunch of candy a$$e$. Keep up the good work TSA….. Semper Fi

  • Jen

    I don’t understand. I am watching people go through what seems to be the body scanner…they stand there with their heads over their heads and hold position…but then they are patted down after that? I thought it was one or the other. If they don’t see anything on your naked body other than your naughty bits, what in the world are they feeling around for?

    • Laurna

      I was going to ask the exact same thing, Jen!

  • JoeTSA

    Right on, Lee! What we really need on the job is a sniper. Some liberal puke whines at us, ZPINGK! a round straight through the head!

    Yeah! You mess with the heroes at the TSA, you must be Al Qaeda and you need a bullet.

  • Martinize

    Could you please tell us what time frame to skip to, and specify exactly what we’re looking for? Most of us don’t have 23 minutes to sit and watch random video. If you need a video editor, let me know! Thanks.

  • Eric2007

    Wow… I’m traumatized by these haunting videos full of evidence (as my eyes rolled to the very back of my head).

    Come on people… this girl was obviously pissed off because she didn’t want to do the “Porno-scanner” or the pat-down. From the video, the TSA agents didn’t go crazy or attack her.

    My view on this all… these scanners and pat-downs have got to stop. They do WAY more bad than good. Let’s pretend for a minute these scans save 300 people over then next five years by stopping two jet-liners from going down by bomb.

    1st off… how many damn people die in accidents each day in America? About 400 EACH DAY… and that’s just accidents. Car accidents daily death rate in the US is approximately 125. So let’s see… that would mean in a month with 31 days… 3,875… and for the year = 46,500.

    I know… maybe TSA should go and rape some motorists… take away their keys and make them walk. If they did that, they would be FAR MORE effective at “saving lives”, and actually making a difference, then harassing American looking people… especially the young, the old and the hot. It’s time to stand up and call this like it is… it’s the Muslims that have done this BS. Sorry if you’re Muslim and you are a good person and don’t believe in killing Americans, beheading them and blowing shit up… unfortunately, someone has to pay for this… and it shouldn’t be the general American public… it should be Muslims.

    As my long ago old ass baby-sitter use to say to me… “That’s the way the cookie crumbles.”

    I really don’t know why the TSA is doing this… well… why the moron that instituted the changes did it. There is NO F’ING WAY in the world this will be tolerated by Americans much longer. We are just about to hit Thanksgiving travel… I’d be shocked if these intrusive pat-downs or Porno-Scanners were still being used at anywhere near the same capacity by this Christmas (only a month away).

    This is simple enough… if you’re Muslim… get ready to be thoroughly searched EACH and EVERY TIME. And thank you for your contribution.

  • jerome

    She was not singled out the process was going on before she went up to it and continued after she refused. She was never handcuffed and I did not see any cops there so if there where a set of cuffs used on her they would have been her own since TSA don’t carry them. Not sure if I agree with all the new procedures or not, but this incident appears to be just another “celebrity” throwing a tantrum.

  • XDX

    I’m sorry but I’ve just heard her account of the incident on free talk live and her version is completely different from what I just watched, She said there was 12 cops round her and no one else went through the scanner while she was there, she also stated that there was about 7 other people in the queue and she was the only one selected but it clearly shows numerous people before and after her. All this shows is a stubborn little girl not complying with safety rules that are in place to protect!!!! Unfortunately this is the sad world we live in now where we also cannot leave our doors open, if you don’t like it, don’t fly.

    • jeff

      protect what? they havent protected or detected a single terror act happening or about to be carried out. shut up sheep.

  • David

    After going through the scanner, the TSA agent waits for the all good from the person examining the scan. The scanner may pick up items that need further examining through a simple pat down…hence the pat down after people leave the scanner.

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