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TSA Videos VINDICATE Meg McLain!

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The TSA has released their surveillance videos of their attack on peaceful traveler Meg McLain. Oops, the videos vindicate her. See for yourself. You might need a magnifying glass though. Where are the timestamps? Why don’t they show the whole thing? Lame, TSA. Let’s the whole video. Here’s an image of Meg in cuffs. See the last few seconds of the video that clearly show her in cuffs.

  • Cyto

    Listening to her speak, I don’t think Meg was lying. She seemed to really believe everything she was saying. Yet the video clearly contradicts pretty much every “coloring detail” she offers. The core facts – she was selected for Naked Scanner, declined Naked Scanner, declined pat-down, was escorted out – they are all there.

    Her additional details are all absent. No grabbing by the arm. No dozen cops and dozen TSA agents. No handcuffed to chair. No “I was there for an hour”. No “I was the only one selected”. No “ripping up my ticket in my face while I was handcuffed to the chair”. All of her coloring detail is flatly refuted by the video.

    I think this is very instructive as to the reliability of eyewitness testimony. This incident alone should spur all police to want video of their actions. The next time someone whips out a cell phone camera – don’t run over and confront them, you might just need the evidence they are gathering. (and if you don’t agree with that, maybe you should give up on being a cop – we don’t need any dirty cops out there.)

  • penta

    are you going to believe meg, or your lying eyes?

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  • NuclearShadow

    I sure hope there is something she can do about this clear mistreatment. I hope at the very least she can file a lawsuit.
    The TSA will have to change its behavior if it loses the case.

    If I worked for the TSA what I would have done personally is talked to this young woman and make sure she fully understands what the scanner is. If not then I would tell her in a purely honest manner best to my knowledge. If she still rejects then I would offer her a chance to simply be padded down by a female TSA, Nothing extreme just the standard.

    This scanner in my personal opinion should not be forced on anyone however it should grant a faster method of getting through security if one so chooses. I think this is fair.
    Sadly however we live in a age where paranoia outweighs reason.

    • DurpDurp

      Enjoy your radiation.

  • DD Weller

    Hm. I hold no brief for the TSA … but I saw neither the dragging-by-the-arm nor the handcuffs that McLain reported. Are the videos perhaps incomplete? Or is there another explanation?

    • DR

      The video at the bottom covers the entire incident. The whole thing lasted about 10 minutes.

      She’s lying, probably for the attention.

      • http://[email protected] It’sobvious

        Um….? Have you ever seen a pair of flex-cuffs….? She’s definitely walking with her wrists together, unlike the characteristics of a normal human being in stride….

        • GDW

          AGAIN, Meg herself said she was NOT cuffed during the second video.

          • http://[email protected] It’sobvious


  • Rob

    What do you mean the videos vindicate HER? It vindicates the TSA because pretty much NONE of what she said happened according to the video.

  • joshuaism

    Could it be possible to edit the video to highlight where it reveals Meg being handcuffed to the chair. I can’t be bothered to watch 20 minutes of video to verify her claims.

  • Brian

    Vindicates her? She lies from the very beginning.

    If you don’t like flying, don’t fly. If you don’t lilke TSA, lying about how they treat you isn’t going to bring them down.

    You should ashamed of yourself.

  • Sam

    It appears you don’t know what vindicate means.
    There were no handcuffs, there was no arm-grabbing, and several people were subjected to scanning throughout the video above.
    Whether the scanning/pat-down procedure is proper or not aside, what she said happened clearly did not happen. She refused both screening methods, and was therefore escorted from the premises. The agents are vindicated by the video above.

    • Noel

      Um, if you watch the end of the second video, she is CLEARLY handcuffed with her hands in front of her as she leaves.

      • http://[email protected] It’sobvious

        Again. Flex cuffs are pretty hard to see even when your not looking through a low resolution security cams perspective…

        • GDW

          Meg herself said she was NOT cuffed during the second video.

  • DR

    How can you possibly claim that those videos vindicate her? They do the exact opposite! Where are the handcuffs she claims were put on her? She claimed repeatedly to have been handcuffed to the chair. She was not. She claims to have been physically intimidated. There is no evidence of any of this in the video. She claims to have been escorted by nearly 20 people out of the security area. There were about 6 people.

    She also claimed the episode lasted an hour. It lasted all of 10 minutes.

    Come on. I’m sure there are real cases of people being intimidated by the TSA. You’re harping on this case only because it’s an attractive white woman. If it were a middle eastern male, you wouldn’t give a ****.

    • Nunya

      You’re right I wouldn’t care if it was an arab, they need to be checked for everything.

  • steve clancy

    I’ve worked in public service for over 30 years. I am very familiar the body language of the TSA agent with the pony tail. She is trying to explain the necessary procedures to this woman in a matter-of-fact attitude. She does try to defuse and clam the situation several times. The agent who comes later with the short hair does the same thing. While the first agent is clearly frustrated, I did not see anyone take an aggressive stance or make aggressive movements towards this person.

    How does the second video vindicate her?

    Was it when she was thrown to the grown and beaten about the head and shoulders by the facist TSA agents?

    Oh, wait. That never happened.

    • http://[email protected] It’sobvious

      really? I think the fact that we can barely see whats going on leaves your expert opinion of body language in the crapper. What situation needs diffusing? Is she sitting in an aggressive stance behind that huge white box? I can’t really tell? I forgot my x-ray vision and body language handbook at home with my wallet.

  • K. Lewis

    I didn’t see any kind of harassment on TSA’s part. Nor did I see cuffs. REMEMBER PEOPLE, they have a job to do, just like you and me. They are doing what they get paid to do, according to their training. ALSO, cuffs would have been placed on her IF she was unruley. SINCE they already had her detained, and she wasn’t acting all crazy, they didnt need them. Yes, I dont agree with the full body scanner, but its there, and someone saw it as protection to U.S. soil. Can’t really fight whats already been in place. LASTLY, I 100% DISAGREE with field searches. They are NOT any kind of LAW official and have no right but to detain. Also, WHY WERE’NT THE COPS CALLED INITIALLY?? In any situation, to where you detain someone, a cop(or martial) should be called IMMEDIATELY.

  • JC Rimbaud

    Come on Mr Donnelly! Vindicated? How can you state the video justifies Meg McLain’s story? Did you watch it? Starting with how she was singled out for the scan – you can see several people go through the scan before she approaches the area. And then she’s wiping her tears with her right hand and pointing over “yonder” with her left, obviously without handcuffs. I’m all for fighting for someone’s rights when truly they’ve been victimized. Sorry, not so in this case.

  • Dan

    “See the last few seconds of the video that clearly show her in cuffs.”

    I watched the WHOLE video, and at no point was she handcuffed. Nor yelled at. Nor patted down. Nor was her ticket torn – though that might have happened out of view in the 2nd video.

    I am not a fan of TSA’s new procedures, but your website and Meg McLain have lost all credibility here.

  • GDW

    Meg NEVER said she was cuffed TO the chair.

    She said she was cuffed while IN the chair, which makes being in the chair inconsequential, that is, she was sat in a chair, and she may have been cuffed, does it really matter if the two occurred at the same time? Is being IN a chair while cuffed a worse thing than just being cuffed?

    It still waits to be seen if she was actually cuffed in the second video, where we can’t see anything besides her head.

    Those saying it was only tn minutes, you do realize that the two videos are NOT happening at the same time? The videos show that the incident lasted AT LEAST 23 min and 47 sec, and that’s assuming they happen back to back, and that the second video was the end of it. That is, assuming there wasn’t more after that where ever they walked off with her.

    I’m sure being detained for around 24 min while in a state of high anxiety can feel like at least an hour.

    • Chuck

      Yes She did say she was handcuffed to the chair. That was never in the video. If that happened while in POLICE custody then they did what they are entitled to do. She lied. I hope she gets a reasonable fine for causing suspicion to those good-hearted persons.

      • GDW

        No she did NOT. She said she was cuffed IN a chair. Listen to the first interview with her, the one that started it all, when she called into free talk live.

        Around 4:15 here, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJGvsAgpfig&feature=player_embedded#!
        Meg says “finally they just cuffed me in the chair.”

        Meg also clarified that this is, along with pretty much everything from about 3:30/3:50 on (when the manager returns with cops) happened in private area where they would otherwise be doing the advanced “pat downs.” This is the area for which there is apparently no camera coverage. A little frightening that the location they take you to do this new enhance “pat down” seems to be the one place they don’t have cameras.

        The only thing she can so far really be said to have “lied” about is other people going through the scanners. As far as calling that a “lie,” I’d say it’s more than forgivable as misspeaking and/or exaggerating, or even something she did not notice due to the anxiety of the situation in the moment.

  • grams

    Meg McClain followed up on-air yesterday (Thursday Nov. 11, 2010) on these videos saying they are only showing part of the interaction.

    She was later moved to another chair which is not shown on these videos. This part of her encounter is not shown. She also clarifies that she meant other people were not secondarily screened in the area she was in during the time she was there.

    The problems with the videos she claims they do not encompass the entire time frame and are also at angles that didn’t cover everything. The arm pulling is blocked by the imaging machine.

    No time stamps seems very suspicious for footage in a multi-million dollar security operation, perhaps inconceivable. Even simple convenience stores and gas stations have them. Perhaps it was cropped out and part of the image was zoomed in.

    You can listen to her response to questions about her story here:


    (She starts at 1:23:30 into the audio)

    She also refers to her website if you want to follow up with additional information from her:


    • Christopher

      Saw the website. Why am I not surprised, a buch of nutjobs. That wraps it up, I think.

    • grams

      I left the same message about Meg’s audio reply on the TSA blog site. It was moderated out and never got posted. Other comments before and after mine were posted.

      • Christopher

        It doesn’t mean anything. I’m sorry, but that’s not how things work,. She gave a very precise narrative in the first interview, not a vague one. I believed her myself. Then I saw these videos, and very important parts were not absent or anything, they were just completely different from her narrative, starting from the agents who were not aggressive but instead almost gentle to her. If her reply is that parts are missing, it’s a stupid reply.
        Listen, this is how it works: if you fly, you know you have to go through these things. I don’t like it myself, but you have to, and honestly there are better fights to fight. You wanna protest? Fine. But accept the consequences. That’s how society works: if you don’t like the rules, you either work inside the law towards changing them, or if you defy them directly to take a stand, you accept what comes from that, in this case, obviously, not flying. Now, if they mistreated her as she said at the beginning, she would be right, it would have been a very grave matter. If it didn’t happen, if, as the video shows, she was treated right and just escorted out without any of the big scenes she mentioned, she really has nothing to complain about, and she gave a false account that, if for some reason there were no videos, would have put people who were just doing their already not very fancy job in big trouble. Which in my book is kind of a dickish thing to do.
        Now, seeing she is part of a cooky anarchist conspirationist anti-governement nutjob website thingy…yeah, everything is a lot more transparent and clear. And really, for me, the case is closed and I won’t care about it a second more.

        • grams

          I would tend to agree if they released uninterrupted, time-stamped, full frame, video and this is all that happened. Otherwise, it seems we don’t have sufficient evidence to judge against her.

  • Ali

    There appear to be gaps in the video when she’s moved from one place to another. Why is there no time-stamping? Assuming the videos occurred back to back we can see that the incident was at least 23 minutes long, but I find it hard to believe that the TSA doesn’t have time-stamping capabilities in their video. I think it’s more likely that these videos have been edited to show only what the TSA wants you to see. Meg never claimed to have been handcuffed to a chair, but said that she was handcuffed in a chair, which is clearly stating that she was sitting in a chair and was handcuffed. I can’t say for sure that I believe her 100%, especially knowing that when you’re in a high stress situation you may perceive things differently, or fail to see specific events occur. But I do think there are holes in the TSA video and I want to know why?

  • DP

    Amazing how she can lie the way she did and people see the video and still believe her. Just because they hate the TSA. She was never cuffed, searched or assaulted in the video. If she was searched in the little room she would have been cleared to fly and not escorted out by the police. Get over your hate and discontent towards the TSA Officers, they are not inept, ignorant or uneducated morons such as stated before. Many are highly educated with many years of service to our country in numerous ways.

  • CLC

    I wonder if anything like this has ever (or will ever) happen to an American citizen of middle eastern (looking) descent?

  • Colin Smith

    Typically of an attention seeking journalist. Note that on her exit there were only two police and two TSA agents. This snotty little girl should have been made to carry her own bags out of the terminal.

    As for those that disagree with security procedures, adapt or drive. As an ex pilot I do not care how tough the security is as I would not want the be blown out of the sky by anyone who just happened to have a problem with a pat-down.

  • Ruperto

    All you people who accuse meg of lying should click here. It will only take a few seconds of your time. Then, unless your are totally blind, you will see Meg in handcuffs. Just look, OK? Just take one look. Unless you are a shill for the TSA, you will change your mind.


    • gd

      Isn’t that one of the same vids linked above?

      Meg herself said that she was briefly cuffed.between the videos. If you watch the end of one, and the start of the second, you can see they are not directly after eachother.
      There are different agents with her in each.

    • Nat

      No! on that video when she walk out she didn’t get handcuffs it’s her bracelets. she was handcuffs on a chair for few minute because she try to get her cam! but it not show on CCTV. Well, just by watching these 2 videos and listen to story she told you know she lying.

      New Vid

    • tom

      tsa doesnt carry handcuffs…and if she was handcuff it would be from an officer…and officers dont handcuff people in the front…they handcuff in the back

      total lies on her part

      • Amanda

        Why do morons like you (Tom) insist on commenting on stuff that you obviously know nothing about. Do you know a police officer? Are you a police officer? Have you ever even met a police officer? Or are you going off what you see in movies and TV shows? Well, I do know police officers (personal friends) and I know how they handcuff people. When they are detaining someone, say for the sake of searching their vehicle, they will handcuff them in the front unless that person has given them resons to do otherwise (disorderly). If they have a reason to bring them in or to subdue them, then yes, they will handcuff them in the back, and even then that is not always guranteed. If someone is in full cooperation and they are taking them in for a non violent offense, sometimes the officer will handcuff them in the front.

        You people are complete morons. Your arguments are because you cannot see her side in non-timestamped videos released by the TSA. I can gurantee you they have better footage and they put time on their videos. There is no audio in these videos either, so no one can say that these people weren’t being hostile unless you’re a lip reader. Your conclusions are based off of nothing and your lack of self-respect is degrading.

        I was in the military and I had some rights taken away, but what airports are allowed to do is disgusting. You’re all given a false sense of security over body scanners and random pat downs, but I can tell you from knowledge that you are no more safer. The reason for our safety is intelligence not body scanners. Not to mention terrorists aren’t going to continue trying to attack us from the same spot. Read up on some of the attempted terrorist attacks recently and see all the ways they can think of to get to us, but it wasn’t someone being molested that tipped off security.

        Now that your security comments are quashed why don’t you go look up the 4th amendment. Everytime you go through the degrading body scanner or pat down your rights are being violated, yet nothing is being done. I hope she brings this to court and things change once and for all. I was in the military and I was there to protect YOUR rights, not have them taken away by a government that spews out trash such as security over personal rights. All of you nay sayers should truly be ashamed.

      • EdKing

        Lol…I’ve been arrested numerous times and sometimes they cuff in front sometimes in back.

  • mikehell

    I don’t like anal cavity searches, but if ever the TSA finds it necessary to search my anal cavity, I’m going to submit. After all, I do have a choice: I can bend over for the TSA and be rewarded with my flight, or I can drive. That’s a choice, right? Bend over or drive. Why can’t you anarchist freaks understand what a _choice_ is? No one is forcing you to get on that plane! And besides, remember that all of this is for the common good. Oh, I forgot. You believe that individuals _own_ themselves and therefore no one else can make force their rules or rulers upon you. Well, phooey on your logical and moral consistency. Me and my fellow compliant fliers will have none of your silly talk.

    • Nunya

      I don’t believe you, I believe you enjoy them.

      • mikehell

        Prepare your cavities, Nunya. It’s coming….and it’s for our own good.

  • JPCD

    I really don’t know why you guys bullshits on George…

    “Oops, the videos vindicate her. See for yourself. You might need a magnifying glass though. Where are the timestamps? Why don’t they show the whole thing?”

    I agreed with George that you can clearly see that these videos doesn’t show the same place and the same time…

    First video: In front of Megan you can see a wall 10 to 15 meters away… She seems to be in the middle of the security area. I didn’t get trough that airport, but everyone will agree that for the international airports those area are HUGE!.

    Second video: Megan is sit down in a corner surrounded by walls and TSA agents.

    The real question is what happened during this time laps? Do you guys really think Megan appears only in 2 videos of this airport. I’m ready to bet a lot that TSA agents can provide us the full path of Megan from is arrival (outside the airport) to the end of this story. These 2 videos are cleary not significant to declare Megan a liar and it’s clear to me that this story hide something.

    It’s just my 2 cents and I personnally doesn’t care about those procedure

  • CrapOnTSA

    The fact is the TSA are using the threat and reality of RAPE to force people to choose to be irradiated and exposed to cancer causing rays so the TSA rapists can enjoy lots of porno they can masturbate to or strangers whose gonads they can fondle.

    FACT: they dig doing this to women while their husbands are watching.

    FACT: it is rape.

    The choice the TSA subhumans hold out is the same as the choice between being shot or sodomized at gun point.

    All TSA agents must be indicted for RAPE or for aiding and abetting a rapist.

    You know what these guys at TSA do when they’re done sexually assaulting women they feel up?

    They keep the gloves they use and trade them for each other to sniff, catching scent from the women whose crotches they fondle.

    They stand around during breaks, sniffing them and laughing. Don’t ask how I know but it is NOT heresay. This is FACT.

    Congressmen have to know this WILL happen to their wives! Their daughters! Their granddaughters. The TSA monsters are psychopathic sexual sadists.

    On the day of the protest against TOTAL SEXUAL ASSAULT, go through the pat down with a full bladder and bowels and let them both go the second the TSA maggot touches your gonads. By the 20th time this happens, they’ll get the message.

    • DP

      You have got to be one of the most idiotic posts on here. Your imagination is just amazing on how you can make stupid shit up. Damn you are just stupid.

      • swami

        I agree with DP

    • B

      It sounds to me like it’s you that has the sweaty, sick little fantasies. You’re the sicko. This is FACT.

      • lazlo pitts

        It sounds like you guys are earning overtime trolling for your employers at the TSA. What’s the matter? No old ladies in wheelchairs to kick over or little kids to molest around tonight?

  • Jo

    The “cuffs” they point out in the second video are a bracelet and a tissue. Her hands are up like that because she’s twisting the tissue that a Nice lady from the TSA gave her in the first video. Around the one minute mark in the first video you can see these large bracelets that she didn’t take off when she came through security. I don’t agree with being groped, but you don’t see anyone being groped in this video. You DO see other people going through the scanner that they made such a big deal about, including all types of people, an African American, a larger Male, and a few other ladies. They made a huge deal out of her being “the only one” to go through, because she’s hot. Didn’t happen.

    • B

      Agreed. The police never cuff someone with his or her hands in front of her body. Think about it, it’s always behind the back. In the first film she walks from the x-ray to the chair with her hands up in a manner that is clearly a nervous habit that she repeats in the second film.

  • Colin Smith

    I am an Australian and we have similar security but we do not have “wannabe high flying journos” create situations such as this.

    When you guys start to recognise the important issues in the world today you would not waste time on this inconsequential issue.

    If you all put your shoulders to the wheel and stop whinging like the Poms we used to have in Australia then you may climb out of the mess created by Carter, Freddie Mac, Fannie May, Dodd & Frankey et al.

    Get real – find someting better to do than rubbish people doing their jobs on YOUR behalf.

    • mikehell

      Hear, hear, Colin! This sorry stunt by Ms. McLain and other so-called “voluntaryists” underscores the pressing need for even more invasive controls over personal freedom. These knaves do not realize that as the US and its subservient allies like Australia prosecute the War of Terror, that steely resolve will be demanded from all citizens as we travel the path to glorious victory. This is why I am directing all supporters of invasive state control to go to tsacavityprobe.com and voice your support of our Boys in Blue as they lay the groundwork for eventual anal cavity searches that will no doubt be soon instituted for our own good.

      Bless you.

  • paul revere

    I’d like to hear back from all of you commenters (TSA shills?) who are posting these ridiculous sheeple comments in here after you’ve seen your wife/girlfriend/daughter molested by these minimum wage, power freak scumbags.

    Are you all really such a village idiot that you actually think you are being made safer by this? Why don’t your TSA protectors, and the government, shut down the 1 million illegal aliens from entering the U.S. every year? I guess all those illegals pouring across the border are for your safety, just like cavity searches you are so willing to endure.

    Think about one thing – are these things *ever* going to be taken away? Every 6 months/1 year, the government hypes another fake terror threat, institutes a new TSA “safety” procedure, but when the threats are 5, 6, 7 years old, the procedures never go away…and they never will.

    Don’t put up with this nonsense from the TSA, or any other governmental body that tries to control you and train you to be a slave, as history has shown it will always get worse, if you do nothing and allow the cancer to grow unchecked.

    • B

      First of all just because people take offense to the obvious blatant lies of Meg McCain doesn’t mean they agree with the TSAs methods as many have stated. Second of all there aren’t cavity searches yet.

      • mikehell

        With any luck and the grace of God, we shall soon have the cavity searches that we deserve. Go here, B, and get signed up:


  • mikehell

    Following up on my comments above, I suggest that everyone here voicing support for the TSA’s efforts to keep us safe needs to go to tsacavityprobe.com and sign the petition _demanding_ an apology from Ms. McLain. It’s only a matter of time before the TSA implements cavity examination and does so for our own good. The sooner we can put Ms. McLain’s shameful demonstration of “individual sovereignty” behind us, the sooner we can get on with flying safely again.

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  • Jeff

    My favorite part is when the TSA officer comes over and gives her a paper towel to wipe her face and does her best to console what is obviously a distraught passenger.

    VINDICATION! Amirite?

    Also, at several points in the first video you can see female passengers getting patted down. At no point are their breasts “twisted”.

    As for time stamps..yeah, they’re not there, however at the very end of the first video a man with light brown hair parted on the right walks under the camera wearing a light blue dress shirt with a blue blazer in a bin. Approximately 1 minute into the second video, another very similar looking man walks by, wearing a blue blazer and a light blue dress shirt..

    Draw whatever conclusions you might from that one.

    • Jeff

      Also, it is fairly obvious from the second video, at ~10:35, that the item on her right wrist is the braclet she is wearing throughout the first video (where her hands are obviously not cuffed).

  • Brandon

    TSA does not generally control placement or recording of CCTV security cameras. That is the responsibility of the port authority that runs the airport (the same group that provides law enforcement for the airport). If TSA needs footage from these cameras, they get it from the port.

  • CH

    This video show me someone who is afraid of the security process and is refusing to cooperate with the TSA officers. I do not see any of her claims of being grabbed gropes or hand cuffed. For those people who thought this video vindicates Meg you are misstaken, The video vindicates TSA and shows that Meg was only treated with respect and patience for over 13 minutes. Meg was obviously scared but she seems to have made up alot of her claims of being mistreated. Sometimes people embelish stories and that seems to be what has happened here. Unfortunalty for Meg the video clearly shows that most if not all of her claims of mistreatment are unfounded.

  • Nunya

    I think you all care too much about nothing.

  • swami

    Like I said before; This is turining into one of the best comedy sites on the internet… I love the fact that you have people all wound up about this liar.. Good for your ad dollars I’ll bet.. Ohhh let me guess what you folks have in mind next to generate $$ …. Ummm oh yeah TSA “agents” are really aliens looking for food!!!!!

  • Paul

    Why are you (the radio Show) giveing this lady the time of day? A TRUE reporter would have checked the facts!!!

    Ok, so lets just do away with TSA all together and let anyone fly with whatever they want to carry on the flights!

    This lady just wants her 15 seconds of fame.

    Lets see, she did not want a Full Body scan, nor a full body pat down, my advise, take a BUS next time!!!!

    • GDW

      “Ok, so lets just do away with TSA all together and let anyone fly with whatever they want to carry on the flights!”

      Creating a false dichotomy does not validate what the TSA does.

  • Garth

    It’s nice to see so many TSA agents posting here. LOL

  • B

    The people that believe McCain have apparently never been in an airport or already have their minds made up, facts be damned. In neither video does a Police officer approach her and the TSA doesn’t carry handcuffs, I can’t remember, does she say who cuffs her? Watch the TSA officer’s hands. She’s calm and obviously just trying to explain things to McCain, whose hands are flying a mile a minute. Most of the people in the second video are hardly paying attention to her and are probably there because let’s face it, that’s what low level bureaucrats do. You need seven witnesses because you’ll end up with some pathetic nut case lying to make a point. Clearly despite what her ego might think otherwise she wasn’t picked because she was “hot”. The guy in front of her was no Mr. Universe. Say what you will about TSA and their procedures but you haven’t done your credibility any favors here.

  • lazlo pitts

    No one at TSA thinks any of this keeps any one safe.

    They do it because they love torturing and humiliating people and because, for them, grabbing at stranger’s genitals is the closest any will come to having sex.

    All TSA agents are subhuman freaks who live in a state of deranged dysohoria and quaking self-hatred. Yes, they know they are witless, contemptible, unemployable scum. Yes, they will never be able to enjoy the homosexual sex they crave.

    So they take it out on the world, lunging at the testicles the TSA men long to caress and stroking the quivering breasts the TSA bull dykes hunger to suckle.

    The TSA is a criminally insane cult of self-hating homosexual psychopaths bent on savaging the lives of everyone in America who would not regard them as human beings or have sex with them.

    If they touch any adult, they do it to inflict maximal humiliation and penetration of personal space. They get off on repulsing you while you are helpless. They love groping mens’ wives while the men smolder in helpless rage. In this scenario, they are raping BOTH man and wife. Yeah, right, does anyone think that any freaks capable of this kind of horror should be at large – much less collecting a wage paid for by the tax payers they victimize?

    If they touch any child, it is a pederast thrill.

    If they touch any elderly or disabled person, it is to terrorize and humiliate the helpless, yes, real torture inflicted as revenge against a society that regards them rightfully as witless, slack-jawed freaks worthy only of cleaning toilets with their tongues.

    • CH

      I feel sorry for you. Having this much hatred in you must be difficult.

      • CrapOnTSA

        Must be nice to be paid by TSA to sit around and troll real human beings on the Web.

  • http://www.beinggayisdisgusting.com Edward Falzon

    Well, I just spent a couple of hours watching the videos above and listening to Meg’s interviews at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJGvsAgpfig and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UPQJYxLlZn4. I also found this post-video article: http://blogs.browardpalmbeach.com/juice/2010/11/full_body_scanners_video_from_meg_mclains.php.
    In the second radio interview, recorded and broadcast after these videos were released, Meg says there was a period in-between these two videos. I went back and forth between the last minute of the first video and the first minute of the second, to try to find anything that shows additional time had passed, thereby confirming Meg’s allegation that TSA had dome some creative editing.
    But I found that they do, in fact, match up.
    After Meg walks off, stage-right, from video 1, we can see a tall man in a light, collared shirt follow in roughly the same direction. He’s carrying a dark laptop bag with a shoulder strap and a security container that contains a dark jacket. Given that he’s still carrying the security container, it’s a fair guess that he’s walking to a table to put all his gadgets back into his pockets, his shoes and jacket back on. you can get a good view of him at 13:00. Light hair, receding hairline where he parts on the right.
    Video 2 starts with Meg walking in from stage-left. Cue to 1:03 in this video to see the man, now with his jacket on and bag-strap over his shoulder, walking across the bottom-left corner of the view. Same light shirt, dark jacket, light hair and receding hairline.
    So if Meg was handcuffed, it was in the location where she was hidden in video 2. The videos do seem to be back-to-back.

    But there are other concerning things that can be seen. Firstly, how does a small, crying woman warrant such “calling all units” action? Meg enters frame at 1:08. She’s walking calmly, her hands in her back pockets. At 1:14, she clasps her hands in front of her. Either she’s cold or she’s nervous. She’s making no threatening gestures and she’s even smaller than the small, female security guard at her side. She’s listening, nodding and follows direction.
    Once she’s ushered into the sitting area at 1:32, watch and count how many guard surround her – I count not less than FIVE guards arriving in eight seconds! That’s six, total. Three wander away after a bit, and three stay. And we need three because…?
    Skipping to video 2, one is forced to wonder why a slight woman, whose bags have no-doubt been thoroughly searched by this moment, now warrant EIGHT security agents? It’s clear from her body language that she was no threat and quite nervous or scared, but at 6:10 it’s a regular circus. I’d suggest that this was for intimidation; I really can’t think of another reason.
    The other thing that I find unnecessarily demeaning is that in 25 minutes, Meg doesn’t seem to have been given back her shoes, even at the end when they were clearly leading her somewhere else. That seems petty.

    Meanwhile, do you want to see the invasiveness that Meg was protesting?? Watch the unfortunate woman who enters the porn-o-graph at 4:50! Standing there with her arms in the air as if she’s being held up — but don’t worry, they’re just taking a naked picture of her — then she still gets a rather thorough, semi-raunchy, 20+ second pat-down anyway! But that’s not enough! They then rub her hands with a cloth and test the cloth, most likely for residue from gunpowder or other explosives.

    And it’s worse for foreigners. Full fingerprinting, plus photograph, as if we’ve been arrested. What’s more, this procedure happens ON EXIT too, with portable, criminal-processing devices at the departure gate.
    Last time I flew the the USA, I was “randomly” selected at the boarding gate for EVERY ONE of my ten flights in that trip. They even opened a gift-wrapped item I had bought at Gucci which has, of course, already been scanned at security.

  • GoogleMan

    Yup u see no handcuffs. Just 2 shiny silver bracelets 1 on each wrist connected by a chain. She has a weird sense of styling… Bunch of fucking pricks!

    • mikehell

      Pricks indeed, GoogleMan. It’s trash like this that is going to make the eventual and necessary anal cavity searches very difficult to implement in the near future. Please direct your browser to the following website and support the tsacavityprobe team.


    • GDW

      I believe Meg, but people need to stop saying you can see her in cuffs in the second video.
      Meg HERSELF confirmed that she was NOT cuffed in the second video, but in the time between the videos where she was taken to the secondary screening area. The private area for the “pat downs” where they happen to not have any security cameras.

      How about we focus on the things we CAN show, like how the TSA refused to comment on whether or not they cuffed her, instead showing video and saying “make up your own minds.” They are lying by omission if you will.

      Why not just come out and SAY she was not cuffed? Instead they play games like this.

  • GDW

    Edward Falzon
    That does appear to be he same man, though he followed directly behind in the first video, and then arrives over a minute after Meg in the second.

    Of course he took time to put on his jacket and such, though I am curious as to why he left the line with the tray his clothes were in. That’s certainly not a standard thing to do. Perhaps he himself was also going to another location with the agent who follows him? You must admit that is rather odd for one to take the tray away with their possessions.

    Any who, there is no way to know where he goes in between the two videos, but he doesn’t just show up directly behind, so at the very least we know these videos cover two locations NOT directly next to each other.

    That being said, there are far more things that change between the videos, particularly with regards to the agents who accompany Meg herself.

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  • JoeTSA

    Get used to it, people!

    We WILL fist YOU!

    And you will say THANK YOU!

    • http://[email protected] It’sobvious

      I hope there isn’t a plane in the sky nov. 24th…. Infringement upon our 4th amendment is a disgusting reality. The added layer of abuse of authority makes this one of the most patriotic moves of our time.

    • http://[email protected] It’sobvious


  • schubroc

    Well another pathalogical liar held to be something she’s not. Well america one thing for sure. If the video was edited, there’s no proof of that. But listen to Meg and judge the incident by what you see verses what you hear coming out of Meg’s mouth and the idiots that continue to attempt to make TSA look like they did anything wrong. Another thing, when are we’re gonna be satisfied? When something terrible happen and a bunch of innocent kids or adult get hurt. I bet you if you dig a bit further, you may find a video of Meg being really searched in a way TSA would never search a person. So when you’re think you’re grander than the system you always makes a fool of yourself. Oh by the way, what is she 98 lbs soak and wet. Unattractive by far. Stop you damn lying.

    • http://[email protected] It’sobvious

      “Oh by the way, what is she 98 lbs soak and wet. Unattractive by far. Stop you damn lying.”

      Your obviously an unattractive fatty… Guess all the skinny/pretty people are liars… Hope the diet works next time.

  • jake cutler

    She said that she was randomly selected and THE only person to go through these scanners yet the video shows that every few seconds a line of people going through with no problem. I don’t believe her one bit.

    • GDW

      She clarified that she was referring to the secondary are, and she misspoke my also saying the scanners.

  • wherbert

    actually the tsa does have control over the camera angles especially if they have a secondary screening area… the image is clearly cropped… or are we to believe that the ‘port authority’ is so inept they wouldnt have a time stamp on their security footage for an airport… take your pick… either the tsa cropped the footage (by the way.. tsa has been slowly getting more and more control over all aspects of security at airports lately) or the port authority has the security protocol of a kids tree fort..

  • GDW

    “It’sobvious November 16, 2010 at 11:10 pm


    Thanks. I couldn’t reply directly for some reason.

  • Loren

    I am not sure what Meg’s motivations were, but she is actually helping the TSA by distracting people from the bigger picture. The way I see it, these searches are clearly unconstitutional. How does the TSA get around article 6 of the constitution which requires probable cause to search someone? The millions of passengers who are searched do not provide probable cause to TSA to be searched. Part of being illegally searched is being scanned, patted down or having your personal effects, ie, carry on baggage, searched without probable cause. UNCONSTITUTIONAL! The fact that there are a million muslems with explosive underpants waiting to board a plane does not justify searching everybody, only those who exhibit probable cause. The right to privacy is not covered by the constitution, but the right to not be searched is. The right to not be searched trumps the right of others to have a safe flight. Otherwise, the terrorists have won, they have caused our own government to violate the rights considered inviolate by the founders. Those who use the idiotic notion that “if you don’t like it, don’t fly” is the same as “if you don’t like the unfair taxes imposed by King George, leave the country” or “if you don’t like the misuse of highway funds, don’t drive” or “if you don’t like the fees they charge for national parks, don’t use the parks”. All idiotic logic. Flying is a major form of transportation and I don’t have to give up flying because I don’t agree with unconstitutional searches.

  • Phrozt

    Did anyone catch how many people made it through the same process just fine w/out throwing a gigantic fit?

    And it looks like Meg was talked to quite a few times in a rational manner. You do realize that at some point, after you’ve refused to be reasonable multiple times, it must escalate to something higher.

    What did you people ultimately expect to happen in the situation *she* created? That they’d eventually say, “ok, well you don’t want to comply w/the same precautions everyone else on this plane and in this airport have no problem with, so feel free to go ahead and do whatever you want to!”

    I’m honestly interested in the answer to this question.

    • GDW

      Yeah, well I’m interested in an answer to why all those colonists threw such a big fit? Why couldn’t they just be like all those other englishmen who went through the process of dealing with the king without throwing such a gigantic fit.

      That’s what REALLY needs to be answered.

      • mikehell

        You’re either with the King and his Royal Cavity Searches or you’re with the terrorists. The colonists should have submitted to Royal Authority in the same way the Americans must soon, God willing, submit to the anal cavity probe. Oh, there will be dissent, just as the colonists dissented, but no matter. The probes will be for our own good. It is the job of all compliant travelers to squelch any talk of an overreaching state power. The collective has value over and above the value of individuals.

        So get on board the TSA cavity probe train!

  • NotRa

    “I am not sure what Meg’s motivations were, but she is actually helping the TSA by distracting people from the bigger picture. The way I see it, these searches are clearly unconstitutional”

    You hit it on the nail, and quite frankly its the same ole multiple prongs thing, we will let you attack this one and maybe this one and maybe that one..and see how helpful we are to you (even in story people were “helpful”..on possible edited video too) Oh and even more importantly dont trust your eyes (And brain!) over what your told for you might get rid of a bunch of liars and worse on a permament basis.

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