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Introducing TSAComment.com. The TSA Won’t Take our Comments, So We’ll do it for them.

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Summary: The TSA illegally and in violation of court order refuses to hold a mandatory public comment period on their use of airport body scanners. We’ll take our own comments and deliver them once we reach 10,000 (or December 1st, 2012). Participate now! Comment and share the website TSAComment.com. Here is a press release.

I Want the TSA to Take my Comment

I Want the TSA to Take my Comment! At TSAComment.com

When a federal agency makes a new regulation, such as the decision to deploy x-ray and millimeter wave body scanners to airport checkpoints nationwide, it is supposed to notify the public and hold a public comment period. The agency is legally obligated to give the public a chance to influence its pending decision.

When the TSA suddenly rolled body scanners out to American airport checkpoints in 2010, they neglected to observe these legal “formalities,” opting to jump straight to the implementation phase. This is one reason why the new scope-or-grope regimen caught so many people by surprise and provoked such a strenuous resistance.

Fast forward to today and the TSA, despite a court order, refuses to hold this public comment period. Their latest word, after considerable legal finagling, is that they’ll try to hold some open forums by the end of February 2013. Will it happen? Will it happen on time? How many people will be permitted to participate? These are questions that no one has any good answer for.

Our patience here at We Won’t Fly is exhausted. If the TSA can’t or won’t take our comments about the security, health and privacy concerns related to their use of body scanners at US airport checkpoints, well we’re just going to do it for them!


With your moral and financial support, we have launched TSAComment.com, a website where you can share your comment on the TSA’s decision to deploy body scanning technology to dozens of American airports as a primary screening method.

Please take advantage of this unique opportunity to voice your security, health and privacy related concerns. You may have other concerns as well. Vote up those comments you feel add value to this global conversation on security, human rights and dignity.

When we reach 10,000 comments or December 1, 2012, whichever comes first, we will send your comments to TSA administrator John Pistole, Homeland Security secretary Janet Napolitano and we will release them to the media and the public in a machine-readable format (XML). We will first strip out any identifying information. Please note however that your comments, with your name and possibly other identifying information, will remain available to the world indefinitely at TSAComment.com.

Your Role

We Won’t Fly is not an institutionalized non-profit organization. We don’t have corporate sponsors. We’re just two working dads who are concerned about the future that’s taking shape for our kids. Perhaps you have similar concerns or reasons for being involved in this struggle.

In any case, we can’t do this by ourselves. You need your help. You need to participate if you want to see something happen. And it doesn’t require anything more than a trivial amount of time or effort.

  • Educate yourself. Don’t take our word for it, do your own research. Help others learn as well, hopefully in a non-confrontational manner.
  • Comment. Make your voice heard.
  • Stop flying.
  • Organize. Coordinate with other individuals locally and on the national level for effective resistance.
  • Donate. We need funding (not a lot) in order to continue this work.
  • Stay on top of the news via our email list (subscribe above), Facebook page and/or blog (subscribe via RSS or email).

Made Possible by You

This project is made possible by you, the 40 fine folks who have donated to our fundraising plan so far. Keep the funds coming and we will be able to afford to do more projects and raise more hell in defense of our human rights and dignity.

No one else that I am aware of comes close to our level of effectiveness on this issue in the sphere of direct action. We Won’t Fly is the most radical and the only uncompromising voice on the issue of human rights and dignity in the transportation sector. If, like us, you value these things then it makes sense to support us in whatever way you can – while you still can.

Comment Now

TSAComment.com: I Want the TSA to Take my Comment!

Press Release

Here is a press release for folks in the media. Please send it to your media contacts.

External Links

TSAComment.com: I Want the TSA to Take my Comment!

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1102509481 Leann Sherman

    I won’t go into those full body scanners that probably cause cancer. The TSA should follow Israel’s lead and institute behavioral profiling instead of patting down 85 yr. old women/men with knee and hip replacements!

    • http://www.facebook.com/tsamanie1 Toni Samanie

      I hate the alternative right now and that is to be groped. So that is why I don’t fly anymore.

  • TexanPatriot1

    What else can we do, other than collect data on individual employees. They do wear a “name” only a first name, and a truncated “number”. I would be willing to file a personal lawsuit in small claims against a screener for $5000 if I could positively identify him. If you’re flying from home, not a difficult prospect if you put enough time on it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tsamanie1 Toni Samanie

    I just found this website. I love it. Been saying it for years. I refuse to fly. If we all banded together and quit flying because of these oppressive and worthless policies we would hit them in the pocket book and they would quit harassing us.

  • http://www.facebook.com/melody.peavylindsey Melody PeavyLindsey

    Not only will I NOT be subjected to the T.S.A’s terrorist tactics ,but the majority of planes that are now flying should be grounded because of age and over usage! To top it off the Gov. is continuing to lay off Air Traffic Controllers at an alarming rate !!!The morning news on any given channel shows how many flight’s are in the air -you can’t even make out the state lines because there are so many planes in the air !I will close with one last thought,from beginning to end the ENTIRE screening is a complete invasion of our privacy and against our Constitutional Right’s ! Now put that in your pipe and smoke it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • John S. Asshole

    You are recommending that we stop flying? The Thugs & Sadists Administration is doing the same thing.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Edward-von-Richthoven/100003112082479 Edward von Richthoven

    After so many years of exposure to X-Rays in the operating room, I refuse to be scanned by the TeraHertz scanners (ProView, etc.). Natural born US citizen physicians and other dedicated professionals, especially those with a lifetime of unavoidable industrial X-ray exposure should not be submitted to this increased cancer risk merely because the US Gov’t refuses to do the right thing…and the right thing is to PROFILE…..religiously…racially…and otherwise. And if they grope you, you have a right to protect yourself….demand the police arrive, file a formal complaint with the police (not the TSA) and screw up the TSA’s day.

  • anonymous

    Either you go through the nude body scanner, or you get molested. Isn’t that just like a rapist on the street gunpointing you into the sex act ? Okay this may be more watered down, but it is still a sex crime. And it is still coercion.

  • Marty Bickford
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