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Tune in Tonight as our own Jim Babb is Interviewed

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We Won’t Fly‘s Jim Babb will be on Free Talk Live tonight at 7PM EST and then on Thinking Liberty around 9:15PM EST to talk about this and other TSA-related issues. Give ‘em a listen! Both shows are streamed live online. Call in if you can.

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  • mark edward marchiafava

    Damned glad to see SOMEONE is finally doing what Lew Rockwell and others REFUSE to do.
    Boycott the bastards, let the carriers know WHY you no longer fly, starve them out till THEY remove the TSA from the airports.

  • James Harry Schaeffer

    I plan to avoid air travel until these strip search or feel you up rules are stopped. The TSA has violated all the rules of due process that western culture had developed in the last 1000 years to protect the individual from a tyrannical government. The American air travelers should fear the TSA more than they fear terrorists. The chance of an encounter with a terrorist is quite remote. You will encounter multiple TSA bullies eager to dominate and humiliate you every time you go through their checkpoints. The current rules must be intended to cow the American people into good little sheepish boot licking serfs.

    No thanks!

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