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WBTV Charlotte Covers Traumatizing of Reader’s 6 Year Old Son

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WBTV Charlotte had the courage and integrity necessary to follow up on one of our readers’ stories. Kudos to them and everyone else working around the nation to remedy TSA’s absolutely irresponsible failure to tell Americans what to expect at the airports. That is why Opt Out Day is so important: so we can prepare infrequent flyers for the new TSA security theatre.

Are children exempt for pat-downs at airport security? Not according to one man who says a TSA employee groped 6 year-old son at Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

The alleged incident is part of the growing backlash over the full body scans and pat downs at airports nationwide.

WBTV found the anonymous submission on a blog, “We Won’t Fly.” The man says the incident happened earlier this month and he describes how his little boy was traumatized saying the TSA agent groped his groin and that the little boy left the checkpoint in tears.

The commenter says his son was aggressively patted down by a TSA employee.

“He was pleading for me to help him and I was admonished for trying to comfort him,” the comment on the blog states. “His genitals area was groped. He walked down to the plane in tears.”

Read more, including a TSA response.

  • Carol Baker

    I just heard a government official this very morning on television claiming that “all children under the age of 12 are exempt from the pat down”. We know that’s a lie. At least I know my impressionable 13 year-old daughter can count on having her breasts and genitals groped by a complete stranger, after I’ve spent a lifetime telling her not to let ANYONE touch her there.

  • Ray

    Of course, actions like that would put any of us in jail and onto a sex offender’s listing. At least the TSA is keeping the skies safe from 6 year old suicide bombers . . ..

  • http://sarahjoyalbrecht.com Sarah Joy Albrecht

    http://youtu.be/Qwsdq69AHnw American Traveler Dignity Act

    HR 6416 Wording is here : http://bit.ly/dk12y2

  • Donna

    Shame on anyone who allows the TSA to fondle their kids in the name of national security without voicing complaint.

  • PJ

    If someone did that to my child, I wouldn’t be standing there trying to comfort my child as some pervert sexually assaulted him. I’d make damn sure the pervert couldn’t do it to any child ever again.

  • greg lasica

    If you or your child are groped, call the local police and have the TSA agent arrested for sexual assault and child molestation. Enough is enough.

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