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Your TV Screen is as Likely to Kill you as the Terrorists

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Furniture Terrorism

FACT: this TV screen is as likely to kill you as the terrorists.

Some of you may find this hard to believe, but a government study on terrorism has determined that your risk of being killed by terrorists is as high as your risk of being crushed to death by your TV or other heavy furniture.

This should serve as excellent justification for the TSA to branch into home checkpoints. They can call it the FSA – Furniture Safety Association. Expect to have to pass an “administrative” checkpoint before entering your living room. It’s for your own safety, after all.

Source: The Atlantic.

  • Morgan Walker

    It’s the new world order, they are bringing about. A tv is as dangerous to your health as an IED. The tsa are part of a new world order described in the bible, they will (and probably are now) working for the Antichrist and his human elite. The end is coming make sure you are right with God.

    • James Armstrong

      There isn’t a “New World Order” anymore. The “New World Order” was a professional wrestling group that collapsed in 1999, and fake TV wrestling has never been the same.
      It doesn’t say anywhere in the Bible about the “New World Order,” unless it was predicting staged (not planned (which is the REAL definition of “staged” in the meaning of a false flag attack), but made-up) wrestling in the future, but that’s probably all I can come up with – IF wrestling was predicted in the Bible, that is.
      It ALSO doesn’t say anywhere in the Bible about the “Elite,” whoever THOSE are. This isn’t the “Halo” video game series, and there are no “Elite” in the real world.
      Conspiracy theorists – such as you, for example – will twist anything around, whether it’s from the Bible, a website, a work of satire (such as the three “Illuminatus!” books, for example; look up the article for the “Illuminatus! Trilogy” on Wikipedia, if you don’t believe that’s it satire), or anything you can see what you believe.
      Give me REAL proof, not the “proof” that you read off of the Internet. Oh, wait, you don’t have any real proof!

      • James Armstrong

        I meant “if you don’t believe that the books are satire.”

  • Charles Aulds

    Yes, just because falling appliances don’t make for good movie plots does NOT
    mean they present less danger than, oh, say suicide bombers in shopping

    If the instability of televisions, furniture, and
    appliances causes you to obsess with worry, and keeps you awake at
    night, I feel sorry for you, but the world is not a safe place and never
    has been. Irrational fear is irrational fear. Deal with it. And
    please don’t try to infect others with it.

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